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Friday, August 25, 2023

Anand Mahindra congratulated Pragyanand in a different way, people said - well said sir

Even though India's Praggyanand could not win in the final of the Chess World Cup 2023, but he definitely won everyone's heart by being the runner-up. Businessman Anand Mahindra has also encouraged him on the tweet and wished him all the best for the future.

There is no game without victory or defeat. In the game, someone loses and someone wins, but many times it happens that even after losing, a player comes into the limelight more than the winner, he is praised all over the world. At this time Pragyanand of India is also standing in the same category. The world is praising him. Actually, Pragyanand is a chess player and has been the runner-up in Chess World Cup 2023. In the final, he was defeated by the world's number one chess player Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, but still Pragyanand is more in discussion than Carlsen.

Businessman Anand Mahindra has also become a fan of Pragyanand's game. He has encouraged Pragyanand by tweeting and wrote, 'You are not the 'runner-up' Pragyanand. This is simply your 'run-up' to gold and greatness. To fight many battles, you need to learn and live more. You have learned and you will fight again; And we will all be there again… cheering you on. This post of Anand Mahindra has been viewed more than 6 lakh times so far, while thousands of likes have been received and people are also giving different reactions.

A user has commented while praising Pragyanand, 'The whole country is proud of Pragyanand. Bright future awaits them', while another user wrote, 'You are an inspiration to all of us! You have shown us that no matter how many times you fall, you can always get up and keep on fighting. We are all here to cheer you up and support you in your journey ', while there are some users who are applauding Anand Mahindra's tweet saying, 'Kya khub kaha sir ji'.

Earlier on August 22 also, Anand Mahindra had made a tweet and congratulated Pragyanand on reaching the final of the Chess World Cup and wrote, 'My heart swells with pride. Bless this talented youngster and may he continue to bring laurels to us in the world of Chess (Chaturanga!) in the future.

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