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Monday, August 21, 2023

A big mistake happened in the first song of the film being made on Seema Haider, Indian flag shown in Pakistan

Seema Haider has been in discussion for some time now. After falling in love with Sachin Meena, Seema came to India illegally from Pakistan with four children and got caught in the law here. Now a film is also being made on the life of Seema Haider. The first song of the film has also been released. Actress Farheen Falak is playing the role of Seema Haider in the film.

For the sake of love, a film is being made on Seema Haider, who comes to India from Pakistan with four children. The name of the film is Karachi to Noida. The theme song of this film has been released recently. Farheen Falak is in the role of Seema Haider in this film. Farheen is also seen in the song. However, in the very first song, the makers made a big mistake.

In the beginning of the song, Farheen is shown playing a game on his mobile. After this, she leaves the house with her children taking the passport of Pakistan. Farheen leaves the house in an auto, in which the moon and stars are seen sticking at many places and the number 786 is seen written.

Big mistake in song

It is shown in a scene that Farheen is sitting in an auto rickshaw with a Pakistani passport inside the book. There is a road behind it and there is a flag of India on the side of the road. Indian flag in Pakistan surprises. After this sequence, Seema Haider is shown crying near the border wires. However, later the tricolor flag is not visible in the scene of the same place.

After this, Farheen boards a plane with her children and leaves Pakistan. It is shown in the song that after coming to India, Farheen Falak is hoisting the country's flag. Going to the temple and worshiping. She is learning to worship by seeing other women on the ghat. Although the glimpse of Sachin Meena's character has not been shown in the song.

The film Karachi to Noida is being produced under the banner of Jani Firefox. Amit Jani is producing this film being made on Seema Haider . The responsibility of direction has been given to Bharat Singh. The lyrics of the song are written by Amit Jani and it is sung by Preeti Jani.

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