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Friday, May 5, 2023

Which US state declared Diwali as a public holiday for the first time? know why

Current Affairs 2023: In which state of America a public holiday has been declared on Diwali. How and why was it declared? Let's know.

Which US state has declared a public holiday on the Indian festival Diwali for the first time. Whose resolution was passed for this in the state? Let us know how and why a public holiday was declared on Diwali.

The US state of Pennsylvania has declared a public holiday on Diwali. For this, a resolution was passed unanimously in the House. Senators Greg Rothman and Nikil Sawal introduced a bill to this effect in the House in February this year, proposing a public holiday on the Hindu festival of Diwali.

It was said in the bill that a large number of South Asian people live in the state, who celebrate Diwali, the big festival of Hindus, with great enthusiasm. People were demanding this holiday for a long time. Both the senators have expressed happiness that their bill was approved in the House. On April 26, Nikil thanked Senator Greg for sharing this happiness on his Twitter account.

Prior to this, another American state, Georgia, had passed a resolution in the House against Hindu phobia. Georgia is the first state to pass such a bill. Its bill was introduced by Lauren McDonald and Todd Jones. It has been said in the bill that Hinduism is one of the biggest and oldest religions of the world. People who believe in Hinduism live in more than a hundred countries.

In the same year, on March 22, the first Hindu Advocacy Day was celebrated in Georgia, in which 25 MPs participated, including both Republicans and Democrats. In this way, the importance of Hinduism is continuously increasing in America. The people there remember the contribution of Hindus in many ways.

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