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Monday, May 8, 2023

This woman earns lakhs of rupees by doing strange work, but on knowing people start saying 'chee-chee'

Stephanie Matto: There are many people in the world who earn money in strange ways. This woman is also one of them, who earns money by selling her fart. She sells her fart in jars and has become a millionaire.

Stephanie Matto: What are the methods people do not adopt to earn money. There was a time when people used to earn money only by doing jobs or doing business, but in today's time people have started adopting many ways to earn, including social media . Nowadays people have started earning lakhs and crores of rupees through social media also. By the way, there are some people in the world who are earning a lot of money even by doing odd jobs. One such woman is currently in discussion, who has found such a strange way of earning money that people start doing 'chee-chee' after knowing it.

Actually, the woman sells her fart. Yes, even if you do not believe this, but this is the truth. The woman's name is Stephanie Matto . She is a resident of Connecticut, USA. According to the report of Daily Star, she first fills her fart in a jar and then sells it. The surprising thing is that people buy his fart and are ready to pay lakhs of rupees for it.

People make fun of

Stephanie says that people also make fun of her for her strange work, but it does not matter to her. She says that filling the fart in the jar is not an easy task. For this also they have to work very hard. She told that at the time of Kovid, she became very upset, thinking how would she survive? Meanwhile, he got the idea of ​​this strange work and he started selling his fart and the interesting thing is that his fans bought his fart fiercely. In such a situation, she became a millionaire in one stroke.

Earns from adult site too

According to the reports, now Stephanie shares different types of videos on the adult site Onlyfans as well and earns from that too. In today's time, his earning has become in 6 figures. He is one of the top ranking creators on OnlyFans. However, despite earning in lakhs, Stephanie is not that happy because people do not respect her. They are seen with inferiority complex. Even his neighbors do not even talk to him.

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