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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The boy wanted to become a superhero, got injected with mercury; became such a condition

A mere 15-year-old boy living in America had a craze to become a superhero, so he injected mercury directly in the body 'Aav dekha na tav'. Then what, his condition deteriorated to such an extent that he had to be taken to the hospital. His life was saved with great difficulty.

Whenever we watch movies of superheroes , it often comes to our mind that if this happens in reality then how would the world be. Many people even start imagining that if they were also superheroes, how much fun it would have been if they had different powers. Although this is not possible. The world of movies is full of fantasies. Such fantasies are shown in it, which can never exist in this real world, but some people think that it can happen, they too can get powers. In such a situation, many people even start doing strange things. The story of one such boy remains the subject of discussion at this time.

This 15-year-old boy living in America has done such an act that you probably cannot even imagine. He had the passion to become a superhero. That's why he injected mercury in his body without thinking. He felt that he too would become a superhero like the superheroes of the X-Men movie, immense strength would come inside him, but this did not happen, rather his condition worsened due to the injection.

When the condition worsened, the family rushed to the hospital

According to the report of the website called LadyBible, the boy thought that the superhero of X-Men had mercury in his body, that is why he used to do everything very easily. Just in this desire, he also injected himself with mercury, but after this, when his condition started deteriorating, his family members hurriedly took him to the hospital, where the doctors were also stunned to see his condition and know the whole matter. .

Had this happened, life would not have been saved.

According to reports, the doctors told that the mercury injection he had given had not reached the veins. That's why his life was saved, otherwise his blood would have frozen completely and he would have died. He underwent surgery not once but many times, only then the condition got better. The surprising thing is that he did not do such a strange thing for the first time in his desire to become a superhero, but earlier he was obsessed with becoming Spiderman, so he had also bitten himself with a spider.

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