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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Should one really not eat papaya during pregnancy? You also know the truth behind this

Grandmother does not allow the mother to eat papaya during pregnancy. It is said that there is a risk of miscarriage. But is this really true? Know how papaya does harm in pregnancy.

Papaya In Pregnancy  : No mother forgets the pleasant feeling of becoming a mother. Nine months of pregnancy are very unique and crucial for any woman. During this, special care has to be taken of health. During this, it is forbidden to eat many things which have a bad effect on the pregnancy. Papaya is also one such fruit about which it is said that its consumption during pregnancy can be dangerous. Is this really true? Can consumption of papaya during pregnancy cause miscarriage? Let's talk about this issue today whether eating papaya during pregnancy is really harmful or not. 

what is there in papaya that harms during pregnancy

In fact, the latex found in raw papaya proves to be harmful during the pregnancy period. Consuming this increases the possibility of shrinking of the uterus, which can pose a risk to the unborn child. The shrunken uterus does not allow the development of the fetus, due to which the risk of miscarriage increases. 

How is eating papaya beneficial in pregnancy? 

Doctors say that instead of eating raw papaya, the mother-to-be should eat fully ripe papaya. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are found in fully ripe papaya and along with this it also contains fiber for the mother and plenty of folic acid for the development of the baby. But doctors also say that along with ripe papaya It should also be consumed in very limited quantity. That is, if a limited amount of ripe papaya is eaten during pregnancy, then it will not cause harm. Usually people do not understand that consuming papaya is beneficial in pregnancy. In this confusion, there are disadvantages of eating wrong papaya. To avoid this, doctors often stop pregnant women from consuming papaya.

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