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Friday, May 26, 2023

Monkey and Snake Video: Cobra had gone out for hunting but on the way the devil monkey enjoyed; Watch Video

Monkey and Snake Video:
 You must have seen many videos of snake and mongoose on social media. But have you ever seen the fight of cobra snake and monkey. What will happen if a cobra snake famous for its dangerous poison attacks a monkey? Will the monkey be killed or will he outmaneuver the snake with his quickness. One such video is going viral on social media, seeing which people are surprised at the outcome of the fight. 

Monkey messed with cobra snake walking in the field

In the video (Bandar Aur Snake Ka Video) going viral on social media, it is seen that King Cobra is walking in a field in search of its prey. Then a mischievous monkey starts teasing him. He starts teasing her by pulling her tail. At first the cobra does not understand what to do, but when the monkey starts teasing him again and again. The cobra snake gets angry due to this act of his and he raises the hood and first turns his head back. After this, it quickly stings the monkey, but it quickly retreats.

The snake spread its hood while hissing, then... 

For a moment it seems that maybe the monkey is scared of the hissing of the cobra snake (Bandar Aur Sanp Ka Video) but it does not happen. The monkey then goes to the cobra snake and starts pulling it again by holding its tail. Cobra gets very angry on this. He swiftly attacks him to bite him but the nimble monkey escapes this time too. With this, this video ends here. 

Watch video:

2.5 lakh views have been received so far

This video has been shared on Instagram with the handle named shnoyakam. More than 2.5 lakh people have watched this video (Bandar Aur Sanp Ka Video) and 724 have made funny comments on it. One user wrote, I used to think that no one can stand in front of a cobra snake, but the monkey has done wonders. It was a pleasure to see the way he tasted the snake. A user said that cobra may be a dangerous snake but in agility it is nothing in front of a monkey. 

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