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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Heart attack: Do workout at this time of the day, there will be no risk of heart attack

Heart attack:
The cases of heart attack are increasing continuously. Heart attack is happening many times even while exercising. The number of deaths due to heart disease is also increasing.

Heart attack: If you are not able to do morning or evening workout then do not worry. You can save the body from many diseases by doing workouts in the afternoon also. According to research published in Nature Journal, exercising in the afternoon can prevent many diseases like heart attack and cancer. Researchers involved in the research say that the metabolic rate inside our body is high in the afternoon. Due to which exercise can be done easily.

Workout done in the afternoon reduces the risk of heart attack. In the afternoon, the cardiac rhythm remains under control and the risk of heart attack decreases. Exercising at this time also helps in controlling weight loss and sugar level. Along with this, the level of cholesterol in the body also remains under control. This time is beneficial for both men and women. Even a 30 to 35 minute workout can benefit you.

What time do workout

According to doctors, BMR is good while exercising in the afternoon. In this case, you can exercise anytime between 12 to 4. Although people who do workouts in the morning or evening, there is no special need to do them in the afternoon as well, but if there is no time in the morning and evening due to some work, then there can be a lot of benefit by doing workouts in the afternoon.

How was the study

90 thousand people were included in this study. Information was taken from them that at what time of the day they exercise. In these, the risk of heart disease has been found to be very less in those who talked about doing workouts in the afternoon. The level of blood sugar in these people also remained under control. Along with this, no special problem related to digestion was also seen.

Researchers say that swimming, running and cycling can also be used as a workout. It is not necessary to go to the gym only. You can keep the body fit by doing any physical exercise.

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