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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Giving finance advice by making reels on Instagram, fininfluencers are earning lakhs like this

Reels on Instagram have become not only entertainment but also a great way to get financial advice. Fininfluencers giving such information are earning lakhs of rupees from it. After all, how does the money come...?

Who doesn't like watching reels on Instagram. Along with entertainment, now it has also become a good platform to get information. Many people are earning lakhs of rupees every month by giving advice related to finance and investment on these reels. After all, how does such finfluencer earn, can you also start this work?

Fininfluencers are called such people who give many details related to finance on social media platforms. Now whether it is a reel of 90 seconds, a long video on YouTube or a short video of 60 seconds. They earn tremendously from all these platforms.

What are the ways to earn

There are many ways to monetize Finfluencer's reels or videos. The most popular paid partnership method among these. Today, when many fintech companies are attracting people's attention in the country, they approach these fininfluencers to reach people.

These fininfluencers make videos related to the products and promotions of these companies. In return, they get paid based on their followers and subscriber base. On the other hand, fininfluencers share links related to these companies for their subscribers and followers, on which fininfluencers are paid on the basis of every click and transaction.

Companies also benefit from Finfluencer

Companies also benefit from joining Finfluencer. Companies get a loyal customer base of their followers and subscribers. Due to their credibility and videos, it helps to explain their product properly. It is not possible for them to do this in a 30 second TV advertisement.

Apart from this, these fininfluencers also offer many finance advice courses for their respective subscribers or followers. Due to charging a fixed fee for this, they also earn extra.

These are popular fininfluencers

There are some famous fininfluencers on Instagram. The number of his followers is in lakhs. Like Akshat Srivastava has 1.43 lakh followers. There are 22 lakh followers of Ankur Wariko, 2.72 lakh of Booming Bulls, 1.68 lakh of Finovation Z, 5.12 lakh of Labor Law Advisor, 7.71 lakh of Pranjal Kamra, 9.37 lakh of Rachna Ranade and 22 lakh of Sharan Hegde.

Apart from this, they all have millions of followers and subscribers on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. All of them earn from these platforms as well. A major part of this is the income from Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Companies like Zerodha, Finshot, Smallcase, Cred, Mobikwik, Upstox, Wazir X, Kotak Life Insurance, IND Money and Ditto pay all of them for paid content.

Makes a lot of money from commission

An employee of a fintech startup company that has a marketing deal with Fininfluencer told Mint that companies are getting 50 per cent of their active users from these Fininfluencers. That's why they are also paying them well. Zerodha says that it pays a commission of up to 10 percent on the revenue coming through Finfluencer.

Although the market regulator SEBI has recently started trying to create a regulatory system regarding these fininfluencers. So that those who invest in share market etc. do not suffer any loss by their advice.

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