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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Coronavirus: Nearly 50 percent active cases of corona in these two states, will the next wave come?

Covid19 In India:
There have been more than 37 thousand active cases of corona virus. The positivity rate is also continuing to increase. The reason for the increasing cases of Kovid is being said to be the negligence of the people.

Covid In India: The order of increasing cases of Covid in India is continuing. The total active patients are more than 37 thousand. Out of these 18 thousand active cases are in only two states. These include Kerala and Maharashtra. There are 13745 cases of Kovid in Kerala and 4667 in Maharashtra. There are a total of 18,412 cases in these two states, which is about 50 percent of the country's total active patients (37, 0930). For the last one week, active cases are continuously increasing in Maharashtra and Kerala. Along with this, the positivity rate is also increasing.

Experts say that Corona increases every year in both these states. The spread of the virus also starts from here. The surveillance and testing of Covid is also very good in both the states. This is also one of the reasons for increasing the cases of Kovid. Along with this, due to the high movement of people, the spread of the virus also remains high in Kerala and Maharashtra.

Will the next wave come?

Dr. Sanjay Dhal of the Department of Internal Medicine at Max Hospital in Delhi says that the next wave of Covid will not come. Some cases are increasing, which will start decreasing soon. The spread of Covid is no longer the same as it used to be in the second or first wave. Then there were other variants, which were infectious and had more firepower, but over time the effect of the virus is decreasing. Its incubation period is also only three to four days left. Which happens for the first 14 days. Now the virus is not having any effect in the lungs. The cases of falling oxygen level are also not coming. In such a situation, there is no risk of the next wave coming.

No dangerous variant came after delta

Doctor . Sanjay says that no deadly strain has come in the country since the delta variant. After the second wave, this variant started decreasing. For the last one and a half year only Omicron is available. There have been around 300 strain reports. None of these are dangerous. There is no visible problem with SARS Cove. The symptoms of the virus have become like a common seasonal flu. In such a situation, there is no worrying situation due to Covid in the country. Only we have to protect ourselves and also pay attention to other diseases.

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