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Sunday, March 12, 2023

Work 4 days a week… rest rest, Indian companies are also showing interest in this policy

4-Day Working Week: Now companies in India are going to bring new labor law on the lines of foreign countries. In which the employee will have to work for only four days in a week and rest for the remaining 3 days.

4-Day Working Week: Five day working culture is on the verge of ending worldwide. Due to the five day working culture, people find it difficult to maintain work life balance. Because of which now Indian companies are also preparing to bring four day working culture on the lines of foreign countries. Under this rule, employees will have to work only 4 days a week, rest 3 days rest. With this your PF contribution will also increase. But, in hand salary can be less.

In fact, 100 companies in the UK have implemented the Four Day Working Week . However, the salary of the employees will not be reduced in Britain during this period. This means that even after working for four days, they will get salary for five days only. Let us tell you what is 4 day working week and how will it affect you…

Three days off a week!

For a long time there was a demand in India that there should be three days off in a week. After the new labor law comes, work will have to be done only 4 days a week. But in this situation the working hours will be increased from 9 to 12 in a day. If the company implements 12-hour work shift, then it will have to give three days leave to the employees. Means an employee will work for 48 hours in a week. Let us tell you, in a 12-hour shift, workers will get half-a-half break twice a day.

100 companies implemented the rule in Britain

100 UK companies have implemented this 4 day working culture. 2600 people work in these companies. But through the 4 Day Week Campaign, it is expected that positive changes can be seen in the country. Two of Britain's largest companies are also included in the 100 companies. Both these companies are Atom Bank and Global Marketing Company Awin. 450-450 employees work in Atom Bank and Awin.

Companies are getting this benefit

The productivity of the companies is increasing since 4 day week.

The work of five days is being completed in four days.

Employees are getting more attracted towards the companies having 4 day week. Also staying there longer means fewer resignations.

Employees working in companies with 4 day week are taking fewer holidays than before.

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