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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Lemon Pickle: Make delicious and spicy lemon pickle easily at home

Lemon Pickle: We all know that lemon is very beneficial for our health. But the consumption of its peel along with lemon juice also helps us to get rid of many health related problems. It is very difficult to consume lemon peel because its peel is very bitter in taste. If its pickle is made, then we can make its peel tasty along with lemon juice. So let's know the method of making Lemon Pickle:- 

Lemon Pickle Ingredients:-

Lemon cut into four equal pieces

black pepper,


Fenugreek, Turmeric Powder,

chili powder,


Lemon Pickle Method:-

To make lemon pickle, first cut the lemon into four equal pieces and keep it in a clean and moisture-free utensil, as well as keep aside half of the lemon that you have taken for making pickle. After that it will come in handy.

Now heat a pan and lightly fry fenugreek, cumin and black pepper in it. When this mixture starts smelling sweet, close it and leave it to cool. And add plenty of salt to the cut lemon and add turmeric powder and chili powder to it. Keep the amount of salt high because lemon is very sour, which will require more salt to balance.

Now grind the cooled mixture well in the mixer and add it to the lemon and by moving it up and down with a clean spoon, let the masala stick in equal quantity in all the lemons. When everything is mixed together, fill it in an airtight container and squeeze the pieces of lemon kept in it. It becomes ready to eat after melting in 6 to 7 days.

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