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Friday, March 24, 2023

Indira Gandhi's parliament was also over, will Rahul Gandhi repeat history like his grandmother?

After the end of Rahul Gandhi's parliamentary membership, it is being discussed in political circles that this opportunity is an opportunity for him in disaster. The parliamentary membership of Rahul's grandmother was also abolished, after which she came back strongly.

New Delhi. It is said that history repeats itself to a great extent. Things go round and round. After the cancellation of Rahul Gandhi 's membership of Parliament, there is a similar discussion that will he be able to repeat the history like his grandmother? There is a strong government at the centre . But Rahul Gandhi is a constant attacker with sharp statements. Meanwhile, on the basis of an old speech, a lower court convicts Rahul Gandhi in a defamation case. On the very next day, his parliament membership also ends. Something similar happened with Indira Gandhi in the seventies. Janata Party government Indira Gandhiwas deprived of Lok Sabha membership by passing a resolution. This order proved to be a panacea for Indira Gandhi. Such sympathy was created for Indira Gandhi that in that storm the country's first non-Congress government was uprooted in 3 years.

Parliament membership went for the first time due to Allahabad High Court's decision

Indira Gandhi got the credit for breaking Pakistan into two pieces in 1971 and she became the Prime Minister again after winning the election with a huge majority. Eminent socialist politician Rajnarayan contested against him from Rae Bareilly parliamentary seat. After losing the election, Rajnarayan had filed an application in the High Court that the government machinery had been misused on a large scale in the Lok Sabha elections, so Indira Gandhi's Lok Sabha membership should be terminated. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi appeared for about 5 hours in the court of Allahabad High Court judge Jagmohan Lal Sinha.

It is said that efforts were made to pacify Sinha in various ways. Eventually the Allahabad High Court canceled the membership of Indira Gandhi. An application was filed in the Supreme Court, but a favorable decision did not come from there. The Supreme Court said that the membership will not be deprived but the right to vote will not be there. After this, the opposition got mobilized against the Indira government. In the end, troubled by the attacks of the opposition, Indira Gandhi declared emergency in the country.

For the second time the Privileges Committee of the Members of Parliament had terminated the membership

General elections were held in 1977 after ending the Emergency. Indira Gandhi had to face defeat very badly in this election. Indira Gandhi herself had lost the election from Rae Bareli. Sanjay Gandhi lost the election from Amethi. This was the first and last defeat of Indira Gandhi. For the first time in the country, the Janata Party government was formed under the leadership of a united opposition. Morarji Desai was leading the government. Who had to leave Congress only because of Indira Gandhi.

It is said that Indira Gandhi was so shocked that she did not step out of the house for two months. Meanwhile, he was also arrested for one day in the jeep scam. But due to her efficient leadership, Indira Gandhi once again succeeded in garnering sympathy among the public. She reached the Lok Sabha after winning the Chikmagalur by-election. But the government did not like his reaching the Lok Sabha. PM Morarji Desai himself presented the proposal with all the allegations against Indira Gandhi. On which there was a debate in the Lok Sabha for about a week. Later a committee was formed. The committee abolished the membership of Indira Gandhi.

Indira Gandhi turned this disaster into an opportunity

After the end of the parliament, sympathy for Indira increased. And he also redeemed this opportunity very well. On the other hand Janata Party itself was getting weak due to its contradictions. The dream of running the government by bringing people of many ideologies together was broken within 3 years. Indira Gandhi was doing a stormy tour across the country. The old enthusiasm about him was being seen across the country. Mid-term elections were held in the country and Indira Gandhi succeeded in forming the government again with a huge majority.

Will Rahul be able to do this

Now the question arises whether Rahul Gandhi will be able to find opportunity in disaster. Many political analysts believe that this is Blessings of Disguise for Rahul Gandhi. But is Rahul Gandhi in the position of his grandmother Indira Gandhi? Kartikeya Sharma, Executive Editor of TV 9 Bharat Varsh, says that there is a difference between Indira Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, Indira Gandhi got sympathy when she was detained. After that she had gone to Belchhi where Dalits were massacred.

After this, suddenly Indira Gandhi got sympathy all over the country. It is necessary for Rahul to get this kind of sympathy first, then it is also necessary for him to be weaponized. Only then will Rahul get support on the road which will translate into votes. Sharma says that the first thing is whether Mamta Banerjee, Left, Chandrasekhar Rao, Jaganmohan Reddy and Naveen Patnaik can come with Rahul Gandhi? If they come with them, then it will be the first step to their success. If this is not possible, then three leaves of cover.

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