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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Hate crime graph increased in America, shocking revelation in FBI report

There has been a tremendous increase in hate crimes in America. This has been disclosed in the report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to the FBI report, in 2020, 8120 cases of hate crime were registered. Whereas in 2021 it increased to 9065.

A report of America's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agency is in discussions these days. It has been said that the increase in hate crime in America in the year 2021 is a matter of concern. This increase is of 12 percent. The Federal Investigation Agency has revealed such figures only on Monday. These shocking figures of its own agency have not only put the American government in worry, but the FBI has also warned the American government to think seriously and take immediate strict steps on this point.

However, before this report, the report which came out regarding hate crime. Describing it as incomplete, it was put in cold storage. One special thing in the report released now is that there is no mention of some other big cities of America along with big places like New York and Los Angeles.

Worrying figures in the report

How worrying the figures revealed in the report are, is also confirmed by the statement of the director of the “Center for the Study of Hate and Hate” at California State University-San Bernardino, Director Brian Labine reacting to this report said That is, the increase in crimes on the basis of hatred has been the highest in this report. Which is a matter of concern.

He further said, "We are in such a worrying period where the cases of hate crimes are increasing." Looking at the data revealed by the FBI report, it is found that most of the victims (64.5 per cent) may have been targeted because of their race, caste or ethnicity. The remaining 16 per cent were targeted for their sexual orientation and 14 per cent for religious prejudice.

In such crimes, maximum number of cases related to intimidation and assault were registered while only 18 cases were registered against the murderer on the basis of hatred. The statement of Jill Garvey, Chief of Staff of the Western States Center has also come to the fore. According to which, half of the religious cases are related to the targeting of Jewish people.

FBI said this

At the time of releasing this report on Monday, the American agency FBI, which released the figures, said that it is very important to keep records of these figures properly. Jill Garvey has further said that, "We still probably have not been able to get proper figures from which to reach the root cause of this problem."

The report related to these figures released in December last year was said to be half-incomplete. That's why even then there was a deficiency in such cases in that report because the police could not hand over the complete figures to the FBI until the report was prepared. Associate Attorney General Vaniti Gupta said, “There is no place in this country (in the US) for hate crimes and the harm they cause to communities. The US Department of Justice is committed to using every resource available to address all forms of bias-driven violence."

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