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Thursday, March 16, 2023

H3N2 virus can increase the difficulty of pregnant women, pay attention to these symptoms

H3N2 Virus and pregnant women:
Doctors say that if H3N2 infection occurs in pregnant women, its symptoms can be serious. In such a situation, these women need to take special precautions.

H3N2 Virus: The cases of H3N2 virus of influenza are increasing continuously. So far three patients have died due to the virus. From small children to the elderly, everyone is getting infected by it. Doctors say that pregnant women may be at risk from influenza. In such a situation, they need to take special precautions. Let us know from the experts that what are the symptoms of this virus seen in women and how it can be prevented.

Gynecologist Dr. Manju Dua says that pregnant women are always at risk of influenza or any type of virus. If a pregnant woman gets H3N2 infection, then there is a possibility of harming the child as well. Hospitalization may be required due to infection. Due to this virus, women are also at risk of getting pneumonia, which can prove fatal in some cases, although this does not happen in all cases, but if a pregnant woman already has a disease, then she should take care of her health. Need to take special care.

Risk of miscarriage

If a pregnant woman gets influenza virus in the last two months, then there is also a risk of miscarriage. The effect of the virus can also be on the health of the child. Due to this, there is a danger of deteriorating his health. Therefore, if a pregnant woman has cough, cold or fever and these symptoms persist for more than a day, then she should immediately go to the doctor. With timely treatment, any serious condition caused by flu and pneumonia can also be prevented.

These are the symptoms of influenza in pregnant women

Cough and cold that does not get better for three days

Sore throat with sore throat

Loss of appetite


Body pain

Save like this

wear a mask when going out

Have regular checkups with a doctor

wash your hands before eating

If someone in the house has cough and cold, then keep distance from him.

Do not self-medicate if you have fever

Get flu vaccine on doctor's advice

Avoid eating street food

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