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Saturday, March 11, 2023

ChatGPT's company will take AI to a new height, common people will get these benefits

OpenAI, the tech company that created ChatGPT, will release new tools for generative AI systems. With this, users will get more control than before. Apart from this, artificial intelligence will be made better for the users in terms of use.

OpenAI , which came into the world's attention by inventing a disruptive service like ChatGPT , has shared the details of its future plans. The company working on Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) has announced the release of new tools for the users. This will make it easier than ever to control generative AI systems. Apart from common users, the company will present these tools for different work or business. This information has been given by the company's CEO Sam Altman .

Speaking to investors at the Morgan Stanley conference, Altman said the AI ​​company would focus on developing a platform that would sell artificial programming interfaces (APIs) to others and build great apps like ChatGPT. Launched last year, ChatGPT has taken generative AI systems to a different level.

ChatGPT created a sensation

Since its launch in November 2022, the popularity of ChatGPT has been on the rise. The number of visitors to its site has increased from 610 million in January to more than 1 billion. OpenAI has also launched ChatGPT's subscription plan, which includes many great features and services. For this, users will have to pay a monthly charge of $ 20 (about Rs 1,600).

There will be profit in business

Management consultancy Bain & Company has entered into a global partnership with OpenAI. This will allow Ben to integrate AI with his client service. Enterprises working with OpenAI can use their own data, and create a copy of the model to reduce data safety concerns. Coca Cola has also joined hands with OpenAI to create ads, messages, photos.

AI will not be 100% accurate

The company will also give more control to the common users. Altman further said that users will be able to decide how the AI ​​system should work. Earlier, the company had said that it is working on an upgrade of the chatbot, which will help users reduce bias in artificial intelligence. However, Altman has acknowledged that AI systems cannot achieve 100 percent accuracy.

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