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Friday, March 10, 2023

Amazing! Married with two girls in the same mandap, families also blessed

Tribal Marriage:
In Telangana, a man from the tribal community has married two women at the same time. All three were in live-in for a few years, in which one wife has a son and the other has a daughter.

Telangana: A strange case of marriage has come to light from Telangana. Here a man from the tribal community married two women in the same mandap, with whom he was living in a live-in relationship for three years. The case pertains to a village in Bhadradri Kothagudem district, where a large number of tribal community people took part. The special thing is that both the women have one child each from the same man. After this they decided to get married.

The marriage was to take place on Thursday morning, but as soon as the news of the marriage spread, there was a stir in three families. However, to avoid any kind of trouble, the marriage was already fixed. It is being told that in Yeraboru village, a man named Satibabu used to love Swapna and Sunita from different villages. They were living together for the last few years.

son to one, daughter to the other

Surprisingly, both the women also have no problem in marrying the same man. All three were living in live-in, where Swapna gave birth to a son and Sunita had a daughter. It has been told in the report that there was a fight between three families regarding the marriage, but Sattibabu remained firm on his decision.

Journalists reached when the invitation card went viral

As such, love marriage is not accepted in the society, which Satibabu also had to face, but he convinced his family and married both the women together. He also printed the names of both the women on the invitation card, which went viral and some journalists reached there. Actually, the three families were afraid that the administration might stop this marriage, due to which all three of them got tied in a bond before the scheduled time.

When the man married his aunt's two daughters

Significantly, in some tribal communities, it is allowed to marry two women at the same time. In 2021, in Adilabad district of Telangana, a tribal man married his aunt's two daughters. All three of them also loved each other, where they got married under the same pavilion.

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