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Saturday, February 25, 2023

When the public pelted stones for not meeting Waheeda Rehman, it became difficult for Raj Kapoor to handle

Bollywood's yesteryear actress Waheeda Rehman recently shared an anecdote related to her film Teesri Kasam in an interview. During this, he told that on what matter Raj Kapoor had become so enraged that it became difficult to handle him.

Mumbai: The 70s era in Bollywood is called the Golden Era. The talk of films and artists of this era used to be different. Fans like to hear stories of that time. The stars of yesteryear also remember their shooting days and share stories during this time. Recently, Waheeda Rehman became a part of Arbaaz Khan's popular chat show The Invincibles . During this, he shared many stories. There was also an anecdote that how when Waheeda Rehman was traveling with the cast of her film and the fans surrounded her. During this, Raj Kapoor became enraged.

While sharing the incident, Waheeda Rehman said – There were many colleges in the city. The day we were going, we had to come and go by train at that time. Raj Kapoor and his friends were in a compartment. And in the other compartment were me, my sister and my hairdresser. The car started and stopped. When we were peeping by opening the curtain, a lot of public had gathered. One of those boys said that he wanted to meet Raj Saheb. Your people harassed you a lot. Now we are looking forward to meeting you guys. Raj Kapoor met the fans. But after that things got worse.

When Raj got angry on public demand

Waheeda Rehman shared further anecdote and said- After this people demanded from Raj Kapoor that they want to meet me. But Raj Kapoor flatly refused. After this I requested him to let me know. But Raj Saheb did not agree. He said that it is not safe. If they drag you away. I told them how would they pull it like this. Those boys got so angry that they started throwing stones. Raj Saheb became enraged on just this matter. One was fair. Got angry and turned red like a tomato. We are scared that he might suffer heart failure. We three ladies held him and controlled his anger.

Raj Saheb's successful film was Teesri Kasam.

Talking about the third Kasam film, this film was a big film of Raj Kapoor. Its songs also became very popular. The film was directed by Basu Bhattacharya. While it was produced by Shailendra. Talking about actress Waheeda Rehman, she has turned 85 years old. The actress is no longer seen in films. But they remain a part of award functions and ads.

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