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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Travel in armored train, stoppage at private station… Secret railway network made for Putin

The President of Russia travels in an armored train specially made for him. Not only this, a secret railway station has also been prepared for them.

Such news keeps coming about many big leaders of the world, especially dictators, how they live. What kind of facilities are made available to them in view of their safety. Such news makes one think that how much money is spent on any one leader or how much money he spends on himself. Now similar news has come about Russian President Vladimir Putin . They travel in armored trains , along with this private stations have also been made for them.

New investigations by independent media have revealed that since Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine, he has traveled on special armored trains using specially built stations. Putin started using trains instead of flights to avoid possible tracking of his flights. It is said that monitoring the movement of the train is very difficult.

According to the report, after the attack in Ukraine in February last year, Putin started traveling by train. Especially he uses it to go to his residence in Valdai. Putin's armored train is completely different from regular trains. It has a large number of locomotives, axles and encased communication antennae.

According to the information, the train has a bedroom, a presidential car and meeting room, a car for Putin's entourage and a separate special communication car. The estimated cost of the train is 1 billion rubles ($13.5 million). Putin's armored train reportedly began to be produced in 2014 and is expected to be actively used by 2021.

Station built near the President's residence

Secret railway network for Putin has been built near his residence. The report said that a secret railway station and several railway lines were built in the area of ​​Valdai National Park in the country's northwestern Novgorod region, close to the presidential residence. It also states that there is a helipad at the station and very tight security arrangements are in place there. These secret railway stations and lines have been made in 2019.

Special train for Putin made in 2015

Another railway station was built in 2015 at Novo-Ogaryovo near Moscow. It was 400 meters away from Putin's residence. In 2017 another special railway platform was built near Putin's Bocharov Ruchei residence in the Black Sea resort of Sochi. Along with this, a separate railway line was made from other railway tracks. Putin prefers to travel in a special train built for him in 2015.

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