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Sunday, February 26, 2023

'I think PM Modi will help Pakistan', claims former RAW chief in interview

Pakistan is suffering badly economically and politically at this time. Inflation is at its peak. The common man is not even able to collect food items.

Former Chief of Indian Spy Agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) Amarjit Singh Dulat has given a statement regarding the neighboring country. He said that at any time by the end of this year, PM Modi will extend a hand of peace towards Pakistan . Dulat even claimed that he would also help Pakistan which is facing political and economic crisis.

Mentioning that India's new ally America is far away and our neighbors are closer, Dulat also warned that a powerful alliance of Iran-Russia-China is being prepared. The former director of RAW said in an interview that every time is the best time to talk to Pakistan. We need to maintain contact with our neighbors.

Pakistan is facing many problems

He said it was important to keep the dialogue open with a little more public contact. It is believed that during his tenure as RAW chief, Dulat had conducted many secret plans in the neighboring country. Dulat said, I think Modi ji will help Pakistan this year. No inside information, but I think so. Dwindling foreign exchange reserves, power cuts, political instability and falling value of the Pakistani rupee against the dollar have forced the neighboring country to seek a financial relief package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). However, there has been disappointment from there too.

Right time to talk to pakistan

Many analysts believe that Pakistan's old method of handling the crisis is no longer working and hence it may be more open to talk of peace and trade with India. Dulat, however, said that engagement with Pakistan has always been influenced by domestic politics. Peace talks between the two neighboring countries in the past have been hostage to domestic perceptions and Pakistan has refused to grant Most Favored Nation status to India, while it (Pakistan) is trying to grant it to all signatories of the World Trade Organization (WTO). bound for.

The former RAW chief said that diplomatic efforts for China need to be transformed into more open diplomacy…(where China) feels that India intends to be helpful to it. He also mentioned that India has been pleasing the US even after the meetings between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

A powerful alliance of Iran-Russia-China is being prepared

He said, you reverse the stance and welcome Trump, which the Chinese do not like. He said that maintaining good relations with all parties has been a part of India's non-aligned tradition. The former RAW chief also warned that a powerful alliance of Iran-Russia-China is in the making. Underlining the need for better relations with neighboring countries, Dulat said, "Our relations with the US have improved, which is very positive." But America is (geographically) far away, our neighbors are somewhere near.

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