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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Amazing! Scientist making 3D printed heart… Valve replacement will be done without operation

The market for prosthetic heart valves was estimated to be around $7 billion by 2021, but it is expected to more than double by population over the next decade.

Scientists are making 3D-printed human HEARTS to improve valve replacement surgeries . Experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say they have created a replica heart . This device can be used to test transplants of heart patients.

Valve replacement is used when a person's natural valve is diseased or damaged. In such a situation, human life is in danger. To save humans from this danger, scientists are making 3D printed human hearts for valve replacement surgery. It is estimated that by its use patients can be saved from the great risk of heart operation.

Great progress in medical science

3D printed human hearts are considered to be a major advancement in the field of medical science in recent times. Earlier in December, scientists at the National Eye Institute in Maryland used a technique and stem cells to restore eyesight. Now experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) , the Cleveland Clinic and other institutions have developed artificial hearts for 15 patients.

Scientists have found in their research that everyone's heart has four valves which prevent the blood from flowing backward with every beat, so that there is always a supply of oxygen and nutrients. But in aortic stenosis, the valve becomes narrow and does not open completely. The left ventricle has to work harder, which causes chest pain. And the oxygenated blood starts flowing backwards in the lungs.

Replica Heart for Every Patient

Doctors hope that a replica heart can be made for each patient to test which valve will work best. Scientists say it can also be used to help treat other patients. Masson congenital heart disease or patients after birth.

According to Dr. Luca Rosalia, a student of the MIT-Harvard program, it takes about a day to make a replica heart.

Need to use on the spot

Co-author Dr Christopher Nguyen, of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, says that – 'Once it's operational and clinicians can test different types of valves and sizes and see which works best – then it can be used. Do it to implant.

According to scientists, this disease usually occurs due to the formation of excessive calcium. It naturally increases with age, smoking, high blood pressure and obesity make it even more dangerous. Shortness of breath, chest pain, heart palpitations, fatigue, and fainting or dizziness.

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