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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Just assurance! Now requesting the PM… what was the reaction of the players after the meeting

The players protesting against the Federation have gone to the Sports Ministry and talked to the officials. During this, he has said that he has been listened to, now he is satisfied.

Wrestling players protesting against the Wrestling Federation and its Chief Brij Bhushan Singh at Delhi 's Jantar Mantar reached Shastri Bhawan, Central Sports Ministry after meeting Babita Phogat on Thursday. Here he met the officials of the ministry. Just before this, wrestler Bajrang Punia had said, 'We are going to the Union Sports Ministry's office, we will inform the media again as soon as the meeting is over.' When the players returned after the meeting, female wrestler Sakshi Malik told that the wrestlers have been listened to in the Sports Ministry. However, he has said that he has only received assurances.

After meeting officials in the Sports Ministry, wrestler Sakshi Malik said, 'Only assurances have been given in the meeting, there was no talk of taking any concrete step or action. We want to dissolve the Wrestling Federation. He has people everywhere. We are getting calls from Kerala, Maharashtra who have been suffering. We request the PM to do justice.

On the other hand, wrestler Bajrang Punia said, 'Our fight is against the Federation and not against the government. We want the federation to be closed because they will put their own people in the federation. If its solution is not found soon, then we will also take the support of the law.

There is a threat to our lives: Vinesh Phogat

Wrestler Vinesh Phogat said, 'Our lives are also in danger, we have not even taken police protection. When exploitation happens, it happens in a room, cameras are not installed there. Those girls are also with us who can prove it.

what is the matter

On Thursday also, wrestling players reached Delhi's Jantar Mantar to protest against the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) and its chief Brij Bhushan Saran Singh. During this, famous players Vinesh Phogat, Sakshi Malik and Bajrang Punia also participated. Triple Commonwealth Games gold medalist Vinesh, who is India's most successful female wrestler, has accused her federation chief of sexual harassment. Not only this, apart from the Federation Chief, he has made this serious allegation on many other coaches. Vinesh made these allegations during a public protest on Wednesday. During this Vinesh has been supported by many famous female and male wrestlers.

Earlier, Punia told that BJP leader and champion wrestler Babita Phogat also came to meet him. Punia said that Babita has given a message on behalf of the government to the wrestlers sitting on the protest. Punia told the media that, 'Babita Phogat has met us on behalf of the government. We will also give you more information after talking to him. He said, 'If we can fight for our country, we can fight for our rights as well.'

government with wrestlers

Babita Phogat has consoled all the wrestlers sitting on the demonstration that the government is with them. Phogat said, 'I have assured them (the wrestlers sitting on the demonstration) that the government is with them. I will try to solve all their problems today. Earlier, Babita, deputy director of Haryana Sports and Youth Affairs and former wrestler, had tweeted. He wrote in the tweet, 'I stand with all my fellow players. I assure all of you that I will complain about this at every level in the government. And the future will be based on what the players want.

Whereas Vinesh Phogat had said that BJP MP Brij Bhushan and other trainers are accused. He has alleged that Brij Bhushan has sexually assaulted several sportspersons and called him a 'false coin' on his defeat in Tokyo Olympics 2020. During her Protest, Vinesh Phogat said, 'Coaches are harassing many women players and many women coaches, and they remain special to the Federation. He also sexually harasses female players.

telephonic conversation with sports minister

Earlier there were also reports that Brij Bhushan has also given clarification on this matter to the Sports Minister over the phone. He told the minister over the phone that if even a single allegation against him turns out to be true, he should be hanged. He said that wrestlers perform brilliantly in the age group of 22 to 28 years. The players who are protesting cannot win Olympic medals and this has turned into anger.

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