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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Kulhad tea is very beneficial for health, you will also be surprised to know the benefits

The winter season has almost started. People like to drink tea very much during the winter season. In winter, people like to drink tea not only during the day but after dinner. When it comes to Kulhad tea , everyone is crazy about it. Kulhad tea has become quite popular not only in the village but also in the cities. Some people have doubts about the tea served in an earthen cup that it is not harming our health. So let us tell you that drinking tea in Kulhad is not harmed in any way. While it only benefits our health.

It is beneficial to drink tea in Kulhad

  1. According to a report by Slurp, this is such an eco-friendly product, which helps in keeping away the problem of acidity in the stomach after drinking tea. So today we will tell you about the benefits of drinking tea in kulhad here.
  2. Let us tell that alkaline is found in Kulhad, which does not allow acid to form in the stomach, due to which there is no problem of gas after drinking tea. In this way, after drinking tea, you do not have to worry about sour belching and digestion related problems.
  3. Many times we drink hot tea in plastic cups, due to which the effect of chemicals can come in the tea. When you drink tea in this kulhad made of clay, it keeps us away from chemicals due to it being eco-friendly and chemical free.
  4. Let us tell you that if you drink tea in the shop in plastic glasses or cups, then they are not washed well, due to which there is a high risk of infection. However, kulhad cups are used, which do not pose a risk of infection.

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