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Monday, September 5, 2022

Teacher's Day: Parents are the first teachers of the child, are you also making this big mistake in upbringing?

Parenting Mistakes: Today (September 5) is Teacher's Day. Parents are considered the first teacher of the child. Let us know about some special parenting tips on this occasion.

Parenting Tips: Parents are considered to be the first teacher of the child because they first tell the child about home, family, relatives and the rest of the world. Every parent wants to give good upbringing to their child. Some take care of the little things of the child. However, during the upbringing of the child, some parents start interrupting him again and again and here they are making a big mistake. Apart from this, some parents do that work themselves but interrupt their child for the same. In such a situation, the child starts comparing himself with the parents and a feeling of hatred comes in his mind. Then he doesn't listen to you. In such a situation, what should parents do, let us know about it on the occasion of Teacher's Day.

Parents keep these things in mind

The first thing is that you should never make the mistake of thinking of a child as a child because some parents love their child so much that they never feel that their child has grown up. Keep in mind that the child stays with you throughout the day. He keeps an eye on your every activity and learns from your habits. What do you eat and drink? How do you treat others? How long do you watch TV? How long do you use mobile? Cigarettes or drink alcohol? Children pay special attention to these things. Before interrupting the child, you have to improve your habits, only then the child will listen to you.

Parents should take special care that the child should not be scolded again and again. Doing so has a bad effect on his mind. If the child makes a mistake or gets into a bad habit, then instead of scolding, you can explain it. From now on, whenever you scold the child, keep in mind that you too are not making the mistake of scolding your child again and again.

If you are ignoring your child, then it can put your child in the wrong company. Keep in mind that whenever your child tries to talk to you, then definitely listen to him. If you ignore him, he will start moving away from you.

Parents should never fight with each other in front of their child. Some parents make this mistake. When parents fight in front of the child, he gets scared. Sometimes children get stressed. In such a situation, try that the child does not know about your quarrel.

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