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Friday, September 23, 2022

Happy Singles Day 2022: There is no harm in being alone, know when and how Singles Day is celebrated

National Singles Day 2022- Till today you must have heard only about the days of married or mingled people. But today we are going to introduce you to Singles Day. This day focuses on the positive aspects of being single.

September 24 is celebrated as Singles Day
enjoy your freedom if you are single

National Singles Day 2022:  Such a belief has spread in our society that being unmarried is equal to a sin. Single Day will now be a symbol of the fact that it is wrong to spread such a belief in the society. People who are single can do whatever they want on that day. We should have only love and respect on this day. On November 11, 1993, a group of some students felt that if there is no life partner in life, then it does not seem right to be sad for this reason. 

Mingle people don't know how many days are there other than Valentine and single people feel a little disheartened on these special days, it is not so because now there is a special day for those who are single and they celebrate this day as their own. You can live accordingly.

What is history
In the beginning, celebrating Single Day was started in China on 11th November. This is also the reason behind this that all the numbers are also the same which matches with single people. Initially it was celebrated in China and the people of China celebrate it on 11 November but later it was celebrated as Single Day on 24 September in the United States. In many countries, National Singles Day is now celebrated every year on the last Saturday of September.

How to celebrate National Singles Day?
If you really want to celebrate this day, then you can make it special by giving company to each other (not your partner but your single friend) or you can go for a nice place somewhere. On this day you can celebrate this day by making food of your choice at your home.

You are also one of those people who are single so enjoy your freedom and do whatever you want with your day, be it hanging out with friends, going to the spa. Take a long drive or go to the beach, go on a date… do whatever your heart wants.

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