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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Friendship Day SMS: Send such loving messages to friends on the occasion of 'Friendship Day', your friends will become emotional

Friendship Day Message: 'Friendship Day' is a golden opportunity to remember your friends, whom you have not been able to meet for a long time. 
On this day, tell your partner through a message how important they are to you. 

Friendship Day 2022: 'Friendship Day' is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August in India. Accordingly, this happy day in 2022 has come on 7th August. On these occasions, we definitely send messages to our dear and best friends through SSS, WhatsApp message or any social media platform. The way of talking to our friends should also be different, so let us 

messages for friends on friendship day

1. The age of our friendship will be longer than us, 
every single thing of ours will be a promise to us,
but also listen to this guys,
whoever broke the promise first, his 
beating will also be the most.

2. Who says that there is something wonderful in 
me, only my friends have taken care of me.
Happy Friendship Day my friend.

3. Life is not special every moment,
the fragrance of flowers is not always near,
it was in our destiny to meet, otherwise,
such a lovely friendship would not have been a coincidence.

4. First I was useless, then I met you,
now I am more useless than before,
Happy Friendship Day my useless friend.

5. The world calls both of us crazy,
now I don't know whether you have driven me crazy or I have you,
Happy Friendship Day my 'crazy'

6. You are the syrup of love, you
are the capsule of tension, you
are the injection of trouble,
but what to do, 
because you are the oxygen of friendship,
Happy Friendship Day.

7. Take all the feelings of my friendship, take
all the feelings of love from heart,
will not leave yours with you,
take thousands of tests of this friendship,
Happy Friendship Day friend.

8. After a few years, I do not know what will happen, I do 
not know who will be my friend,
then if I meet again, I will meet in memories, 
like dried roses are found in books.

9. We ask for a prayer from our God, I
wish you happiness with full faith, 
May all your wishes be fulfilled and, 
You smile heart-o-jaan,
Happy Friendship Day.

10. If friendship is good, it brings color,
if friendship is deep, then everyone likes it,
friendship is only true,
which comes in handy in times of need,
Happy Friendship Day.

11. How small is my world, 
I am one and one friendship is yours,
Happy Friendship Day

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