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Saturday, August 28, 2021

The ability to smell not only decreases due to corona, these diseases can also be indicated

Decreased Sense of Smell: Women have more sense of smell than men. 
In pregnant women, this ability becomes even more.

Decreased ability to smell: Lack of taste and loss of sense of smell are considered important in the symptoms of corona virus. Experts say that along with fever or sore throat, if there is a loss of taste and smell, then it becomes mandatory to get tested for corona. But you will be surprised to know that it is not only related to corona virus infection, but it can also be a sign of many other diseases.

In the NBT report, Dr. Manoj Sharma, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine at Fortis Hospital, has said that the loss of smell does not only indicate corona, but also some other disease.

Dr Sharma, citing the American College of Physicians, said that the risk of death in the next 10 years was seen in the elderly who were found to have less sense of smell, by 50 percent. However, it has also been seen that sometimes this ability decreases even in common cold. But if the ability to smell decreases apart from this, then there is a need to be careful.

How is the smell test done
According to Dr. Sharma, the test of smelling ability is called booklet test. It consists of a booklet of several pages, which contains small bubbles filled with a characteristic odor. The victim is asked to scrape each page and recognize the smell.

If they cannot smell the smell, or make a mistake in recognizing it, then it is considered a sign of decreased ability to recognize the smell. He told that this test should be done under the supervision of an ENT specialist.

The ability to smell more in women It has
been told in the report that the ability to smell is higher in women than in men. Not only this, this ability becomes more in pregnant women.

According to the report, the decreased ability to smell can be a sign of Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia or Autoimmune disease. These disorders shrink or affect the part of the mind that works for smelling.

According to Dr Manoj, according to the Parkinson Foundation, the ability to smell decreases in most people suffering from this disease. This is called hyposmia. In this case it can be a serious threat.


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