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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Must do these 5 things before having sex, you will get amazing benefits

Sexual Health Tips: By doing these things before having sex, you will get a lot of benefit. Many sexual problems will stay away from you.

Experts have told many tips to keep sexual health right. Adopting which not only makes your experience better, but also benefits your health. These tips after the adoption of many sexual problems (Sexual Problems) are able to live off of and receive sexual pleasure. Let us know about the safety tips to keep in mind before having sex.

Must do these 5 things before having sex (Things to do before making physical relation)
Let us know what things you should do before making physical relation to keep sexual health right.

Mood is important
You may find this strange thing, but to keep sexual health right, you should take care of the mood of the female partner before the physical relationship. Because, when a woman feels aroused, her genitals produce natural lubrication. Lack of lubrication can lead to sexual injuries such as vaginal tearing, cuts or swelling.

What to do before having sex: Hygiene of the private part
Before having sex, both the male and female partner should take special care of the hygiene of the private part. Because, many harmful fungi and bacteria can be present in this part of the body. Which can make you sick by reaching your mouth, ear, nose etc.

Change Undergarments
Often people ignore this thing. But it is also very important to do this work before having sex. Because, sweat comes out of your body throughout the day, due to which your undergarments become dirty. This sweat during sex can cause urinary tract infection and other infections.

Tips before making physical relation: Take deep and long breaths
Experts believe that the pleasure you get from having sex depends on your mental health. If you will be under more stress and anxiety, then you may also fail to have sex. Therefore, before making a physical relation, you should take a deep and long breath for some time. So that both your mind and body relax.

Do not eat such food,
keep in mind that the diet taken by you before sex also affects your intimate moments. Do not eat anything before having a relationship, which can cause problems like bad breath, gas, flatulence etc. Otherwise, putting extra pressure on your stomach while making a physical relation can increase your problems.

The information provided here is not a substitute for any medical advice. It is being given for the purpose of education only.

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