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Friday, August 6, 2021

Don't reheat these food before eat, it can be poison

Good diet is the treasure for health. 
If we do not use good things in comfort, then it can cause many diseases for us. Many people have the habit of heating home cooked food several times, which is not right at all. If you eat everything by heating it again and again, then you may have to face many problems. Today we are going to tell you about some such food which harms health when reheated.


Eating chicken by heating it again can cause great harm to our body . After heating it again, the protein composition present in it changes . Due to which there can be problems like digestion related in your body .


Potatoes are healthy for our body, but if you make potato vegetable and keep it for a long time, then its nutrients change . Eating it hot again has a negative effect on its digestive system . 


This vegetable is rich in protein . The composition of the protein changes when it is heated again and eaten . Consuming it will lead to indigestion, as well as heart problems will increase .


Often we eat the leftover rice after heating it. While this should not be done at all. By heating it again, the number of its bacteria will double again, which increases the chances of getting diarrhea.


A high amount of protein is found in eggs . After reheating it, it becomes toxic if eaten .


Tannic acid is found in tea . Due to which toxins start forming in the body . After heating it again and drinking it, the amount of acid will increase . Due to which there is a problem related to the liver .


Spinach contains high amounts of nitrates . By heating it again, it turns into carcinogenic present . Which produces toxins .

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