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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Do not wear neelam stone in these circumstances otherwise you may be ruined

Sapphire gemstone is considered very powerful in astrology. 
This gemstone is related to the planet Saturn. It is said that Sapphire has so much power that it can make a person a king from rank in no time. However, if it is worn by a person who does not need it, then this gem starts giving its inauspicious results and ruins that person. Therefore, after consulting an astrologer, wear Sapphire according to his instructions, so that its side effects can be avoided. Know in which situations sapphire should be worn and in which not.

According to astrologer Dr. Arvind Mishra, sapphire represents Saturn, in such a situation, it is advised to wear sapphire according to the position of Saturn in the horoscope. If Shani is debilitated or is in a debilitated house, a person is passing through the dasha of Sade Sati, Dhaiya or Shani, then in such a situation, experts can advise wearing a sapphire to protect it from the ill effects of Shani and make it suitable for giving auspicious results for you. . Sapphire can be worn if Saturn is in the fourth, fifth, tenth or eleventh house. But don't wear sapphire just on the basis of this information. After showing your horoscope to an astrologer, wear it only with his advice.

sapphire fruit

The effect of Sapphire gemstone is visible very soon. If there is an auspicious result of Sapphire gemstone, there will be progress in job and business. A person makes fourfold progress day and night. Genealogy increases. There is an increase in prestige. Health is good. Cases etc. get settled easily and health is better.

Never wear sapphire in such situations

According to the astrologer, if Saturn is not in the right position in the horoscope, then it should not be worn even by forgetting. According to astrology, if Saturn-Rahu and Shani-Mars are in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house, then this position is not considered auspicious. Apart from this, Saturn is the lord of Aquarius and Capricorn. Even if the condition of these zodiac signs is not right, then sapphire should not be worn or else inauspicious results can be found.

When unlucky, such is the waste

According to Jyotishacharya, wearing Sapphire in an inauspicious position, a person faces troubles from all sides and it does not take long to get wasted. In such a situation, quarrels, enmity and debate grow in vain. Obstacles start coming in every work and the work gets worse as it gets done. The economic loss is such that the person comes to the verge of ruin. Apart from this, money is badly spent in diseases in the house.

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