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Sunday, July 18, 2021

World most creative and weird houses which attracts people

Every person in the world dreams that he has his own house, for which he works hard throughout his life, but there are many people who are fond of making their home something different. 
Today we are going to tell you about such strange houses, about which you have hardly heard or seen. Seeing these houses, you will feel as if they do not belong to this world.

This house made of stones is very strange. It is known as 'House of Stones' or 'Boulder House' or 'Casa do Penedo'. This house is in Portugal, built in 1974. The biggest feature of this house is that there is also a swimming pool inside it, which is made by grinding stones. 

This small but beautiful house in the middle of the water is in Serbia. Surrounded by forest and water on all sides, this house looks very beautiful. It is said that it has been almost 50 years since this house was built. There is only one way to reach this house and that is by boat. Although this can also be reached by swimming, but it can be dangerous. 

This house is known as 'One Log House'. This house in America is built in the trunk of a 2000 year old tree. There is a 13 feet long space inside, in which a bedroom has been made and all the things needed are present in this house. 

strangest houses in the world

These strange looking houses are in Turkey. They are special because they are made of volcanic ash. According to scientists, there was a volcanic eruption around this area millions of years ago and its lava spread throughout the area. Due to this, at some places, high mountains were also formed and people made their homes in these mountains. 

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