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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Kark Sankranti 2021: When is Kark Sankranti? Know what are the rules and significance of Karka Sankranti

Kark Sankranti 2021: On 16 July 2021, the Sun is entering Cancer sign on Friday. 
This process is known as Karka Sankranti.

Kark Sankranti 2021: Kark Sankranti is considered very special from a religious point of view. On this day Sun enters or transits from Gemini to Cancer. Sankranti is the transit of the Sun from one zodiac to another, or in whichever sign it transits, it is known as Sankranti.

The effect of this change of Sun God is seen on all the 12 zodiac signs. Sun God will stay in Cancer sign for a whole month i.e. till 16th August. In such a situation, he will continue to influence all the 12 zodiac signs. After this they will transit in their own zodiac sign i.e. Leo.

Will this time entering Cancer

indicates solstice climate change, according to the almanac. This is an astronomical event, and this event occurs when the Sun enters Cancer. Let us tell you that on July 16, Sun God will enter Dakshinayana from Uttarayan. Sun God has special importance in all the zodiac signs. In astrology, Sun God is considered to be the king of all zodiac signs. The holy period of Karka Sankranti is from 05:34 in the morning to 05:09 in the evening on July 16. This total duration is 11 hours 35 minutes.

Rules of Kark Sankranti 

Sankranti is not considered auspicious for the beginning of any auspicious and new work. According to religious beliefs, Dakshinayan is called the night of the gods. During this time, all the deities are in yoga nidra. Chaturmas starts from Dakshinayana. In such a situation, it is advised not to do any auspicious work like marriage, marriage, engagement, mundan etc. Offer water to Suryadev on this day. Worshiping the Sun during Sankranti helps to quench the defects. Recite Aditya Stotra and Surya Mantra on this day. The use of honey is considered beneficial during this time. Donation of clothes and food items especially oil has special significance on Karka Sankranti.

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