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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

IRCTC does not give seat among men to the lone woman traveling in the train, know such interesting facts related to the website

IRCTC is a company of Indian Railways that provides ticket booking, catering and tourism services to its customers. 
You must have also booked tickets in the train through IRCTC at some point or the other. You cannot book tickets online without IRCTC. Apart from this, IRCTC also provides catering and tourism services on a large scale. The maintenance and development of IRCTC website is the responsibility of CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems). Let us tell you that CRIS is also a company of Indian Railways. Today we are going to tell you some interesting facts about IRCTC, about which you will hardly know.

Indian Railways is the lifeline of the country

We cannot even imagine the development of the country without Indian Railways. Without railways, our country will come to a complete standstill. This is the reason why Indian Railways is called the lifeline of India. Whether to go to family or to a relative, to visit a friend or a relative, to go to a wedding or to a party, to go for a walk or to go for a walk, we all take full advantage of the services of Indian Railways. . As the country is progressing, we are also taking full advantage of technology.

Tickets cannot be booked online without IRCTC

Thanks to technology, today we do not have to stand for hours at the reservation counter to book tickets and we can book tickets anywhere, anytime from our mobile phones. To take advantage of this facility, we need the help of IRCTC only, without this you cannot book tickets. You will be surprised to know that IRCTC website of Indian Railways is one of the busiest websites in India. 7200 tickets can be booked in a minute through IRCTC's e-ticketing system.

IRCTC takes special care of women's safety

You will be surprised to know that only 27 tickets were booked on the IRCTC website on the first day, whereas at present more than 5 lakh tickets are booked daily on the IRCTC website. According to, IRCTC gives a very special facility to women at the time of booking. If a woman books a ticket in a train through IRCTC, then IRCTC will provide a seat to that woman at a place where the seat will already be booked in the name of a woman. This is done so that a woman does not feel uncomfortable and insecure sitting in the middle of many men.

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