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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Old 500 Note Will Make You Rich, Take Quick Steps, Know The Easy Way

New Delhi: If 
 A Note Is Lost And It Is With Us, Then Considering It As Deserted, We Throw It In The Dustbin, But Now Do Not Make Such A Mistake. These Days Old Coins And Notes Can Be Sold For A Hefty Amount.

Similarly, If You Have Old 500 Rupees Note, Then Now You Can Make It A Means Of Earning Big. You Can Easily Earn Up To Rs 10,000 Directly From 500 Note. If You Miss This Opportunity, There May Be A Big Loss. 

Actually, When The Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) Issues A Note, It Is Printed Very Carefully. The Pattern Is Fixed And Notes Are Printed Accordingly. That's Why All The Notes Are Similar In Appearance, But If There Is Some Mistake In The Note During Printing And It Comes In The Market Then That Note Becomes Special. People Get Ready To Buy This Note At Many Times The Price. Let Us Tell You That After Demonetisation, The Old 500 Notes Have Now Come In The Rare Category.

- Know The Right Price

If You Also Have An Old 500 Rupee Note, Then Immediately Check That Its Serial Number Has Not Been Printed Twice. If So, Then You Can Easily Get Rs 5,000 Of This Note.

Apart From This, If One Edge Of The 500 Rupee Note Is Large, I.E. Extra Paper Is Left On It, Then You Can Get 10,000 Rupees In Exchange For That Note. All You Have To Do Is Visit One Website To Check Out The Best Rates.

At The Same Time, To Sell This Special Note Online, You Have To Go To The Oldindiancoins.Com Website. The First Thing You Need To Do Is Register As A Seller. After This You Take A Clear Picture Of Your Old 500 Rupee Note Here And Upload It On The Platform. You Will Then Be Contacted By People Who Are Interested In Purchasing Notes After Seeing Your Ad. Talk To Them And Sell The Notes.

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