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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Unique village of India, where twins are born in every family, doctors are also surprised

This world is full of secrets. 
However, from time to time, many mysteries have also been veiled. However, many of the clues could not be solved till date. Today we are going to tell you about one such village in India, whose kiosk could not be solved till today. Not only this, even the big doctors are surprised to know about this truth. So let's know some interesting things about this village.

Like other villages, this village in India is also very common. But, there is such a story about the birth of children, which has surprised the whole world. Located in Malapuram district of Kerala, the name of this village is Kodinhi. A total of 2,000 families live in this village. The specialty of this village is that most of the children here are twins.

According to a report, there are more than 220 twins in this village. The birth rate of twins in this village is much higher than the birth rate of twins born in India. The great thing is that India's first twin-relatives association has also been formed in this village.

According to the information, the oldest twin pair was born in this village in 1949. With the passage of years, the number of twin pairs in Kodinhi is constantly increasing. Here, the number of children in the age group of zero to ten years is almost more than 79.

It is said that a joint study team from Germany and Britain also came here to solve this problem. People's DNA was also taken for study. However, no one has understood the real reason till date. 85 per cent of the population of this village is Muslim, but it is not that twins are not born in Hindu families. It is also said that out of 1,000 children, 42 twins are born here.

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