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Friday, May 28, 2021

Increase the mileage of your bike-scooty with these 7 tips, big savings every month!

Most people complain that their bike or Scooty does not give mileage. 
Often they reach the service center with this problem. But the problem does not go away. In fact petrol is getting more expensive day by day and people's trouble is increasing. You can increase the mileage of your two wheeler by following these 7 steps.

Keep an eye on speed

Whenever you are traveling with your bike, pay attention to speed first. Try to ride the bike at the same speed. Most people ride bikes sometimes at full speed and sometimes at very slow speeds. Constant gear change increases oil consumption. So the mileage of the bike can be increased by keeping an eye on the speed.


The more weight you put on the two-wheeler, the more pressure will increase on the engine. Gasoline consumption will increase due to increasing pressure on the engine. So there are always only two people traveling on a two wheeler. Tripleting is detrimental to a two-wheeler in every way. This is against the rules of traffic and the engine consumes more oil than three people riding on a two-wheeler.

Check the air in the tires:

Due to the low air in the tires, the mileage of the bike is often reduced. This problem is especially prevalent in summer. So check the tire air once a week. Apart from this the tires of the bike should be filled with nitrogen gas. Because nitrogen gas does not allow the tire to heat up. Avoid keeping the bike in the sun.

Note the economy mode:

Economy mode is available in all two-wheeler speedometers. This is used to improve mileage. So when you take the bike home, ride the bike keeping in mind the mark of economy mode in the speedometer. Riding a bike in this mode gives more mileage.

Clean the air filter regularly:

The air in the bike's engine passes through the air filter. If the filter is dirty the engine does not get enough air. Which affects the performance as well as the mileage of the bike. Therefore, it is important to keep the bike's air filters clean from time to time. Often the bike's spark plug gets dirty, causing the bike to start emitting smoke. This affects the mileage of the bike.

Keep the bike at low RPM:

The mileage of your bike is very important for your convenience and your budget. So always keep the RPM of your bike to a minimum. At the same time, changing the gear at the right speed and time, will increase the mileage of the bike. If the bike race is more, the fuel consumption will be more. So, avoid giving unnecessary races in the bike.

Timely service required

The bike should be serviced regularly to increase the mileage of the bike easily. Change engine oil at regular intervals. It is very important to have more lubrication in the oil so that the performance of the engine is good and the components of the engine do not wear out quickly.

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