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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Covid 19 Second Wave: This is magical way of breathing, lungs will be strong, corona will stay away

Covid 19 Second Wave Breathing Exercise For Lungs: Due to the second wave of corona, a number of problems are exposed - for example, shortness of breath, lack of oxygen, fever, body, muscle aches, dry cough, headache, etc. Corona infection is found in the lungs in the report of HRCT even after the corona antigen and RTPCR report is negative in many patients. This strain of the corona is extremely fatal for the lungs. Due to this, lungs are getting blocked and people are having difficulty in breathing due to decreased oxygen level. In such a situation, if you do some breath-related exercises, then not only

will you benefit but your lungs will also get stronger. But many people do not know the right way to take a deep breath. Come, according to the report printed on my treatment, know the right way to take a deep breath ..

- Before taking a deep breath till the lungs, lie down on a quiet and natural place by laying mats. Keep a pillow on the head and knees. You can also practice it by sitting in a chair. Keep in mind that the chair should support the back, shoulders and neck.

 Close your eyes and feel the surrounding environment. The sound of wind, the sound of trees and birds. Hearing this, slowly fill the deep breath to the stomach. Hold the breath as much as possible and then release slowly.

- While doing this exercise, keep one hand on the stomach and the other hand on the chest. Keep in mind that when you breathe, feel that the oxygen present in the air is making the lungs strong. And when you leave the breath, then feel that all the negativity and diseases are going out of the body with the exhaled breath.

- The breathing and exhalation period should be the same. While breathing, count to 5 in the mind and repeat the same process while exiting. In such a situation, the time to breathe and leave will be the same.

- Wear some loose and comfortable clothes while exercising. Breathe in very comfortably and release. Do not put too much power in it. Do this very easily for 10 to 20 minutes.

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