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Saturday, April 24, 2021

World Coronavirus Update: More than 31 lakh deaths worldwide due to corona virus

World Coronavirus Update: The
 situation is very bad due to the increasing havoc of Coronavirus worldwide. India is currently facing record new cases and death figures. Here the government is making efforts to deal with shortage of medicines, beds and oxygen. But people are still not completely relieved. According to the latest data, the total number of people infected with Corona virus worldwide has increased to 14.63 million 45 thousand 157 (Highest Coronavirus Cases in the World List). While the total number of dead is 31 lakh 02 thousand 323 (Total COVID Deaths).

The United States (32,735,704) ranks first among the five countries most affected by the infection. India (16,610,481) in the second place, Brazil (14,238,110) on the third, France (5,440,946) on the fourth and Russia (4,753,789) on the fifth. New variants of the corona virus have also raised the concern of many countries, which are more contagious and dangerous. Double and triple mutants of the virus have been found in India. Apart from this, a new strain of corona virus has also been found in Sri Lanka, which is more deadly than all the strains found earlier.

The new variant spreads rapidly

This new variant is going to stay in the air and spread more quickly. According to Neelika Malavige, president of the Department of Immunology and Molecular Sciences of Sri Jayawardhanapur University, these variants spread more quickly. It lasts for about an hour in the air and is more contagious. Now the health authorities here fear that the new variant may spread even more rapidly after the celebration of the New Year, which was celebrated last week. Because more young are getting infected.

In which country how many deaths?

Among the countries in which more than 50 thousand people have died due to Kovid infection are America (585,075), Brazil (386,623), India (189,549), Britain (127,385), Italy (118,699) (World Coronavirus Death Count) Russia ( 107,900), France (102,496), Germany (81,936), Spain (77,591), Colombia (70,446), Iran (69,120), Mexico (214,504), Poland (65,222), Argentina (61,176), Peru (59,012) and South Africa (54,066) is included.

What is the condition of other countries?

Talking about the conditions of the rest of the world, cases of infection are increasing in Thailand (53,022), Pakistan (790,016), China (90,575) and South Korea (118,243) (World Coronavirus List). Talking about the rest of the countries, Britain (4,401,109), Italy (3,935,703), Turkey (4,550,820), Spain (3,468,617), Germany (3,261,764) (World Coronavirus Stats) Colombia (2,740,544), Poland (2,751,632), Argentina (2,824,652), The number of total cases (World Coronavirus by Country) in Iran (2,377,039) and Mexico (2,323,430) has been between 20-46 lakhs.

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