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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Why is there no temple of Brahmadev? Do you know the story behind this?

This creation was created by Brahmadev. 
Each creature of the world has been created by Brahmadev. Have you ever considered why the creator of this universe, Brahmadev, whose title is so high, is not worshiped? There are only a few temples of Brahmadev in the whole world, out of which only Brahmadev temple in Pushkar, Rajasthan is the most ancient and famous. Why so?

Today we will tell you why Brahmadev is not worshiped? The knowledge of Veda was preached only from Brahma ji. They have four faces, four arms and one Veda in each arm, but there are very few sects who worship them. We will throw light on the most important and important reason for not worshiping them. So let's know-

Once Brahma Ji had to perform a yagna on earth for the welfare of the universe. In order to choose a place for the yagna, he sent a lotus coming out of his arm to the earth. That lotus fell in Pushkar, Rajasthan. A pond was formed due to the fall of this flower and Brahma Ji chose this place for the yagna, but for the sacrifice, Brahma Ji's wife Savitri could not reach on time.

A woman was needed to perform this yagya. The time of yagna was going out, but Savitri did not reach. If the Yajna is not done in time, then it could not be benefited. Therefore, Brahma ji married the local Gwalan and sat in the yagna.

Shortly after starting the yagna, when Savitri reached, Savitri got angry after seeing another woman at her place and cursed Brahma ji that you will not be worshiped anywhere on this entire earth and no person will miss you at the time of worship. . Seeing Savitri in so much anger, all the gods got scared and all begged Savitri to take back her curse.

Then Savitri said after the anger subsided that only the place where you have sacrificed your temple will be built. That is why Brahma Ji is worshiped only in Pushkar.

It is believed that after the anger subsided, Goddess Savitri got absorbed in penance by going to a hill located nearby and is still present there and welfare of her devotees. Coming here, married women pray for their rich married life. This temple of Brahma Ji located in Pushkar is very famous and all Hindus who come to Ajmer must visit Brahmadev's temple and the pond located there in Pushkar.

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