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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Why did Lord Rama give death sentence to Hanuman ji? Know about this story

Everyone is familiar with the stories of the Ramayana, the great book of Hinduism. 
Everyone knows about the devotion of Hanuman. He was the biggest and favorite devotee of Lord Rama. Then what happened that Sri Ram agreed to kill Hanuman. Not only this, when Hanuman ji did not get death, he also attacked him with Brahmastra.

Let us know what happened that Lord Rama had to pay the death penalty to his dearest devotee?

Once all the great saints and Brahmins attended the Gana Sabha. Great scholars like Dev Rishi Narada, Vashistha Vishwamitra had gathered to discuss whether the name of Rama is greater than the existence of Shri Lord Rama? Sankat Mochan Hanuman was also present in this meeting but he was not speaking anything. He was listening silently to the discussion of the monkeys in a silent state.

Narada was of the opinion that Lord Rama's name is bigger than Lord Rama himself and claimed to prove it. Now that the discussion was over, it was time for all the saints to leave. Narada ji secretly asked Hanuman to welcome all the sages except Vishwamitra. The argument was that Vishwamitra is a king.

Hanuman greeted everyone in turn, but deliberately ignored Vishwamitra as Narada had explained. Vishwamitra became angry after seeing his ridicule. He was giggling with anger. Vishwamitra pledged to pay the death penalty for this mistake of Ram Bhakta Hanuman.

Lord Rama loved Hanuman very much but Vishwamitra was also his guru. Rama decided to give the death penalty to Hanuman so that the Guru's order would not be removed. When Hanuman realized that Shri Ram was coming to kill him, he could not understand why this was happening. Then the sage Narada advised him to keep chanting the name of Rama. Hanuman Jai Shri Ram, sitting under a tree, started chanting Jai Shri Ram.

He became engrossed in deep meditation as soon as Rama tuned. When Lord Ram reached there, he started firing arrows to attack Hanuman. But not even one hair of Pawan son absorbed in Ram's name could be dandy. When Shri Ram saw this, he was in a state of confusion. He thought in his mind that no one can spoil the devotee who is chanting my name. Seeing his arrows failing, Lord Ram tried many weapons too, but all failed before Hanuman.

Because Sri Rama had to follow his Guru's word. Lord Rama again used the deliberate Brahmastra. Brahmastra also had no effect on Hanuman chanting the name of Lord Rama. Narada went to Vishwamitra and saw the truth like a catastrophe on the earth and told all the truth. After this Vishwamitra freed Rama from the word and the sage Narada proved that the name Rama is more powerful than Lord Rama himself.

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