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Saturday, April 10, 2021

What happened when a hunter caught both pigeon's children? Know this interesting story of Gorakhnath

Today we are going to tell you the story of Guru Gorakhnath and two pigeons. 
You will be happy to know that India is the holy land where even two great saints took birth in this Kali Yuga and those two saints were Adi Shankara and Guru Gorakhnath. It is believed that due to these two, religion and culture have been restored and apart from this, it is also believed that Guru Gorakhnath worked to organize the Nath sect. Due to this, Gorakhji Maharaj is also called the father of Nath sect.

Gorakhnathji's mentor was Machhendranathji, who initiated him. It is believed that Gorakhnath was born from a pile of cow dung, hence his name was Gorakhnath. Although Guru Gorakhnath had many disciples, but his most beloved disciple was Ouagarnath, who used to ask questions to his guru in some way and Gorakhnath used to answer his questions through a story or a story.

Today I am going to tell you about the story of two pigeons attached to these two. So let's start this story without any delay.

This inspiring story of Guru Gorakhnath

According to the legend, once Guru Gorakhnath was passing through a forest with his disciples. On that day, the heat was too much due to the harsh sunlight, due to which, after walking some distance, Guru Gorakhnath ji told his disciples that let's sit under this tree and take some rest and then start the journey ahead

All the disciples started resting under the same tree after getting the order of the Guru. It was just a matter of rest that his favorite disciple, Augharnath, told him, 'Gurudev let us all hear the story of two pigeons in which the whole family was destroyed due to love.' Then Guru Gorakhnath ji said, 'Ougarnath, if this is your wish, then let me tell you.' Then Gorakhnath ji started telling the story.

In mythological times, two very beautiful pigeons and pigeon nest used to live on a tree in a forest. Both used to love each other a lot. There was so much love in that pigeon and pigeon that both of them were not afraid to take any pains to wish each other. Similarly, with time, love grew in both and then when the auspicious time came, the pigeon laid two eggs.

Pigeons and pigeons delighted to see both children

After that, both of them started caring for the eggs with great love and then a few days later two very cute children came out of those eggs. On seeing this, the face of pigeons and pigeons blossomed. Both of them seemed as if they had got the greatest happiness in the world, but after a few days, their happiness was eclipsed.

Once a day, like every day, pigeons and pigeons left their children in the nest in the morning and went out to feed them. At noon that day a hunter arrived in the forest. He was looking for prey since morning but he had not felt anything yet, thinking that he became unhappy and sat under the tree. Then I started thinking in my mind that from this morning I am wandering in this forest like this and my life is dying due to hunger and there the children will also be suffering from hunger, looking forward to my coming.

In this way, some more time passed and now it was going to be evening that when the eyes of the two pigeon children were sitting. Seeing this, there was a sparkle in the eyes of the hunter and he said in his heart that it was late but better. Today will be fun. I will get a lot of money in the market by selling them, so that many days of food will be arranged for my family. Having said this, he climbed on the tree to catch the pigeons' child and then caught them and placed them in his net and started going from there, when the pigeons and pigeons came there and did not find their children in the nest and became battered here and there. - Started looking there.

The hunter caught the children in the trap

Then the eye of the pigeon went to the hunter's net and on seeing it understood that this hunter has caught my children. Then the pigeon went to the hunter and said, "Hey, leave it to my innocent children." What has spoiled these two of you? Hearing this, the hunter said to the pigeon that both these victims have met with great difficulty and you say that I should leave them! I will not leave them, do what you want to do.

Hearing this, the pigeon said that if you will not leave my children, what will I do by living in this world. I am also coming to you. Saying so, the pigeon herself went into the hunter's trap. On the other hand, when the pigeon saw that both his children and now the pigeon is also in the captivity of the hunter, what will I do if I live alone.

Thinking the same, he also told the hunter that I am also coming to you. In this way, on one side the whole family embraced death due to mutual love. At the same time, the hunter earned a lot of money by selling those four pigeons in the market.

Through this Artha Katha, Guru Gorakhnath has tried to make us understand that in this deathbed every creature gets as much as it is written in its destiny and there is no wealth greater than love.

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