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Saturday, April 17, 2021

UP STF caught BJP leader's 'contract killing' plan in jail, brother killed 4 years ago

The Special Police Task Force (STF) of Uttar Pradesh Police caught the blueprint of contract killing (murder on hire) of a BJP leader of the state before it was put into effect. 
This plan was made by a sharp shooter inside a jail in UP. The sharp shooter who had planned to kill the BJP leader's mercenary, has been behind bars for four years on the charge of killing the brother of this BJP leader. The brother of this BJP leader was murdered in the year 2018. From then onwards, the killers were looking for ways to dispose of this BJP leader. The reason was that this BJP leader is pushing his head in the courts to punish the killers of his elder brother.

At present, before the contract killer was executed, the UP STF caught his blueprint. In order to carry out this incident of contract killing, wandering in search of the right opportunity, all the three sharp shooters of the mercenary have been arrested. The arrested sharp shooters were named as Mo Shanu alias Vakil alias Lambu, Manoj Soory and Dilshad Ali. All three sharp shooters are from Prayagraj district.

5 mobile phones - 7 SIM cards recovered

All these facts were confirmed by UP STF Chief (Additional Director General of Police) Amitabh Yash in a special conversation with TV9 Bharatvarsha on Friday night. According to the STF chief, "5 mobile phones, 7 mobile SIM cards and cash rupees have also been seized from the possession of the contract killers. Five cases have been registered against the arrested sharp shooter Shanu alias Advocate in Thana Phulpur (District Prayagraj) including murder and attempt to murder. Whereas, criminal cases have been registered in various sections including two murders at Police Station Phulpur in Prayagraj district, above the contract killer named Sonu alias Siraj, who made this entire plan sitting in jail.

All these 10 cases have been found between the period from 2010 to 2014. The whole plan was made by Sonu alias Siraj while staying in Jaunpur Jail. " According to the information, in the year 2018, BJP leader and social worker Pawan Kesari, resident of Phulpur town of Prayagraj district, was killed. Now one of the three sharp shooters arrested. Shanu alias Vakil aka Lambu was also involved in the murder of BJP leader Pawan Kesari in the year 2018.

Prayagraj was shaken by Pawan Kesari murder case

There was a lot of ruckus in the Prayagraj district headquarters and Phulpur town in those days about the killing of Pawan Kesari. People angry with the murder had come down to the law and order. Then the Behala police arrested 11 accused and sent them to jail. Only after that peace could be established in the area. The police had also imposed strict law like "Rasuka" on the killers. Among those 11 killers, Sonu alias Siraj was also arrested and sent to jail.

Siraj has been imprisoned in the jails of UP since then. He is currently lodged in Jaunpur Jail in UP. BJP leader Rohit Kesari is continuously doing this case to punish the killers. Rohit Kesari is the real brother of Pawan Kesari, who was killed by these killers in the year 2018. In view of the danger to his life, the UP police has given Rohit Kesari two government security guards since the Pawan Kesari murder case. Since Rohit Kesari is ready to punish the killers of his brother. In spite of the challenges faced by the killers many times, they did not pull back from the lobbying in the courts.

Dangerous conspiracy to get out of the way

According to the STF chief, for this reason, the killer of Pawan Kesari, especially Sonu alias Siraj Khar, who was lodged in the Jaunpur jail, was sitting. When Sonu alias Siraj started feeling that he was now going to be punished. At any cost, his brother Rohit Kesari is not ready to back down due to the lobbying of the Pawan Kesari murder case. So he (Jail Contract Killer Siraj) while staying in Jaunpur Jail, planned to remove BJP leader and late Pawan Kesari's brother Rohit from the way.

He thought that he was in jail. Only while staying inside his prison, if he will get Rohit Kesari killed by the mercenary sharp shooters. So the charge of this murder will not come to his head Prayagraj police will not suspect him too soon after being locked in jail. So he gave the contract to the three sharp shooters arrested by the STF on Friday to kill the BJP leader Rohit Kesari.

Who transported mobile in Jaunpur jail till sharp shooter

The STF is now also investigating how Siraj alias Sonu, after sitting inside the Jaunpur Jail, made such a dangerous plan. According to a highly placed STF source, "It is possible that the jailed miscreant may have used a mobile phone to create this whole conspiracy." Therefore, STF will now be able to find the same thing after saving Rohit Kesari safely.

After all, how did mobile reach to such a dangerous sharp shooter and contract killer inside the prison bars? If the STF is to be believed, it will soon be revealed by the son of Sharp shooter and Rohit Kesari who plans to kill him, Sonu alias Siraj, who is lodged in the Jaunpur jail. Right now, we had to make his conspiracy fruitless earlier. Otherwise, the contract killer would kill the innocent Rohit Kesari as soon as he got the chance.

Contract Killers were extremely close to hunting

Additional Director General of Police UP STF Amitabh Yash further said, "Mohan along with Sonu alias Siraj in the Pawan Kesari murder case carried out in the year 2018. Shanu alias Vakil and Manoj were also involved. Of these, Shanu alias Advocate has also been arrested along with the sharp shooters arrested on Friday. The three contract killers caught confess that they were given the betel nut of BJP leader Rohit Kesari by the shooter Sonu alias Siraj in Jaunpur jail.

If the STF believed, these mercenary killers had come very close to executing this dreaded murderous act. Meanwhile, on getting the information, Additional Director General of Police and UP STF Chief and Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) of Lucknow Hemraj Meena along with Inspector Anjani Kumar Tiwari under the leadership of Deputy Superintendent of Police Lal Pratap Singh posted at STF Headquarters left for Prayagraj. Had done it.

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