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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Unique house in india where one door open in punjab and another in haryana

There is always some such case in this world, which is quite surprising to know about it. 
Sometimes it becomes difficult to believe it. Now such a peculiar case has come to the fore, which has surprised people. This case is about a house situated on the border of Punjab and Haryana, one door of which opens in Punjab and the other in Haryana. You must be surprised to hear this and it may not be sure. But, this is completely true. So let's know what is the whole issue?

Be it the country, the state or the village, there is a border everywhere. The identity of things changes as the boundary changes. But, at times, the story of boundaries is quite interesting. A house has also been included in this list, which is under discussion due to the border. It is being told that 70-year-old Jagwanti Devi lives in the house adjacent to Dharamshala with her entire family. But, a big issue has come to light about his house. Because, one door of the house opens in Punjab and the other in Haryana. Now the wall in the middle of this house has been erected. However, there is no family dispute behind the pull of the wall, but it has happened due to the government office.

This is the whole matter

According to the report, Jagwanti Devi had expanded her house some time back. As a result, half of the area has come under the state of Haryana. He also applied for an electricity connection three months ago. However, the registry of the land is in Urdu. Due to which objection was raised on this. Then the registry was made in Punjabi language. Objections were also applied to this. After this, its registry was made in English. It was being speculated that the connection would be found. However, the electricity department objected to this. The department says that this house is made in two states. The connection will not be given until the wall is erected. Therefore, forced Jagwanti to erect a wall in the middle of the house. Let me tell you here that Haryana was formed after separating from Punjab. At that time too, the line was drawn in many houses. Once again this matter sprang up and such a problem arose. Right there The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law talk to Jharokha when the wall is erected. At present, this matter remains the subject of discussion in the entire region.

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