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Thursday, April 29, 2021

This is the most poisonous fish in the world, whose one drop of poison can take the life of the whole city

Recently in Australia, a sailor suffered death. 
There was a fish on this person's boat. He thought that he was a stone and when he went to remove it, what he saw was very scary. It was not a stone but a fish. You will also be stunned to hear that. Yes, it is the most poisonous fish in the world which looks like a stone. That is why it is also known as stonefish.

Stone fish

On seeing 'Stone Fish', people make the mistake of thinking of it as a stone. As soon as he touches it, he dies. Citizens of some other countries of the world, including America, were warned and were told to flee as soon as they saw it somewhere. This appeal was made to the people that if this fish is seen somewhere, then they would ask for help from the people around it. According to scientists and environmentalists, stone fish is found in the seas located around the Tropic of Capricorn.

If bitten, then the organ has to be amputated

This fish looks like a stone. This is the reason why people do not recognize it easily. If someone accidentally falls on this fish, then it removes the neurotoxin poison in the amount of weight that falls on it. It is said that its poison is so dangerous that in order to stay alive, it has to cut the part where it is bitten. If the organ is not cut, then the person dies within a few seconds.

One drop of poison can kill you in 0.5 second

As soon as it touches its body, the stonefish releases its poison at a speed of 0.5 seconds. It can kill someone within seconds after blinking an eyelid. It is said that if even a drop of poison of this fish is added to the water of a city, then every person of the city can die. It is completely different from all the fish found in the world.

In appearance, it does not look like fish but looks like a stone. While the body of the fish is very soft, its body is like a stone. Its upper shell is hard like stone. The stone-like cover over the fish resembles the face of some human beings.

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