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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Superman comic sold for Rs 24 crores, know what is special in this

If someone tells us that what is the most golden memories of childhood, then it is obvious that many people will have the answer that they liked to read the comic. 
This is the reason why many of us must have been scolded because we used to stay mad behind comics. In childhood, every child must have swapped comics with his friend. These days, a news related to comics remains of discussion among people, which you will also be shocked to hear.

Now if someone asks you how much a comic can sell? And at the same time, if you say that a comics has been sold in crores, then you can hardly believe it. But it has really happened, yes, in fact, a comics sold at such a high price, which would be impossible to guess. According to the online auction company, the comic book that brought Superman character to the world is sold for around ₹ 24 crores.

Let me tell you that earlier in the year 2014 also this comic was sold very expensive, which was sold for around $ 32 lakhs. Vincent Zurzolo, COO of, stated that the comic was published in 1938. From this perspective, the identity of Superman started from here. According to a report, this seller has also benefited a lot. He has gained more than 1 lakh dollars on this. Now only 100 copies of this comic are left.

It is really amazing to pay such a huge amount in exchange for a comic. This is the reason why people are saying this after hearing this news that it is truly amazing. As a result, this news has been prominently placed all over the world. This thing we all know very well how difficult it is to combat the fan following of Superman.

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