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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Should I drink alcohol after taking the corona vaccine? Know what the government guidelines

New Delhi:
 Important information has been given about the confusion between alcoholics and the growing number of cases of coronavirus infection and vaccination campaign. Most alcoholics are concerned about whether or not to consume alcohol after the vaccine. However, due to such questions, some people have kept away from the vaccine because there is a lack of clarity about the vaccine for those who are in the habit of consuming alcohol on a daily basis. It may now be that such people are advised to abstain from alcohol for a few days when they go for vaccination. Some alcoholics have also found that more alcohol than vaccine protects against covid.

However the good news for alcohol addicts is that so far the alcohol consumption we have has no relationship between the effect of the vaccine. This is according to the opinion of the experts in the guideline given on the official website of the health department of the center. According to him, so far no evidence has been found that alcohol consumption affects the effectiveness of the vaccine. However, according to experts, alcohol consumption affects our immune system, so it is advisable not to consume alcohol for at least 45 days after vaccination.

This was confirmed when vaccinations were introduced for all those over the age of 45 in the country. However, experts are also advising that alcohol should not be consumed after vaccination.

Of particular note is the fact that no advisory has been issued by the WHO CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) or any other medical board that individuals should not consume alcohol after vaccination.

Alcohol consumption does not directly affect the production of antibodies in the body. Although it is suggested that antibodies made in the body after the vaccine protect against the risk of future infections, alcohol consumption should be avoided, but limited doses can be taken if excessive restlessness occurs.

The important information is that it takes at least 3 weeks for the body to generate antibodies after the vaccine. Therefore, alcohol should be consumed sparingly for a short time after vaccination.

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