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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Mini lockdown in Gujarat from today: Find out what will be open and what will be closed

There will be a mini lockdown from today, April 24 to May 5 All economic and commercial activities will have to be stopped during this period. This means that all shops except essentials like groceries and dairy will have to be closed. This includes tea shops, Larigalla etc. The announcement was made today.

The earlier lockdown also ordered the closure of all shops except essentials. The notification issued today also ordered the closure of shops except for essential items. However, the previous lockdown did not include restrictions on the movement of people.

Night curfew remains the same from 8 pm to 9 am

The announcement said the night curfew would remain in place from 8 pm to 8 am. People will not be able to leave the house during this period.

All economic and commercial activities in the city police commissionerate area such as shops, commercial establishments, restaurants (except take away), all lari-gallas, shopping complex weekly gujri bazaar, haats, educational institutions, coaching centers (except online education), cinema theaters. , Auditorium, assembly hall, waterpark, public gardens, amusement parks, salons, spas, beauty parlors, gyms, swimming pools, as well as all types of malls and commercial complexes will be closed.

All marketing yards, all markets will be closed. Purchase and sale of vegetables and fruits will continue in APMC. During which instructions regarding Kovid-12 have to be followed.

A maximum of 50 persons will be allowed in open or closed places for marriage. For marriage, registration has to be done on Digital Gujarat Portal.

Only 20 people will be able to attend the funeral. Government, semi-government corporation banks, finance tech related services, cash transactions, banks' clearing houses, ATMs, CDM repairers, stock exchanges, stock brokers, insurance companies and all types of private offices will have to ensure 50% attendance. This rule does not apply to essential services

All kinds of political, social, religious, cultural, educational programs will be completely closed. Sports can be continued in the Spots Complex and Stadium without the presence of spectators.

All places of worship will be closed to the public. However, the daily puja should be performed by the administrators or priests of the religious places. Public bus transport can be continued with maximum 50% capacity. Travelers coming to Gujarat from other states will have to abide by the instructions given by the Department of Health and Family Welfare regarding RT PCR test. Everyone has to follow the rules of face cover, mask and social distance.

DCP Manohar Singh Jadeja said all markets except vegetables and fruits would be closed tomorrow. However essential items such as groceries or dairy can be continued. Vegetable markets can also be continued.

These services and activities can be continued from 6 am to 8 pm

During the night curfew, services directly associated with the operation of Covid-18 will continue. These include medical, paramedical and related health services. Oxygen production and distribution management will continue. In addition to dairy, milk, vegetables, fermented, product distribution and sales and its sale, home delivery services will also continue. In addition, the vegetable market and fruit market will also continue.

Grocery, bakery, sale of all kinds of food items and all online services for distribution can be continued during the time period except night curfew. Household tiffin services, take away facilities from hotel restaurants can be continued. Services including Internet, Telephone, Mobile Service Provider, IT and related services, Print, Electronic Media, Newspaper Distribution can be continued.

In addition to petrol, diesel pumps, transportation, distribution and repair services, post courier services, interstate, inter-district, inter-city transport services, e-commerce related services, construction related activities can be continued.

There will be such a waiver during the night curfew

During the night curfew, sick, pregnant and infirm persons will be allowed to travel with the attendant for treatment. Passengers of railways, STs or airports will be allowed to show their tickets. Marriages will not be held during the night curfew. In unavoidable circumstances, persons who go out will be allowed to present their identity card, doctor's prescription, medical papers and other evidence. The declaration urges staff on duty to show a humane approach to those who go out in unavoidable circumstances.

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