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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Keep these things in mind while preparing food, otherwise Mata Lakshmi will become angry

Worshiping Maa Lakshmi brings wealth, wealth and happiness - prosperity at home. 
Many people take different measures on this day. At the same time, some people keep a vow to please Maa Lakshmi. But do you know that Maa Lakshmi is also pleased with the way you cook and eat.

Food has special significance in Hinduism. Even in the scriptures, it is considered a sin to disrespect food. That's why the elders of the house say that food should never be insulted. Let us know what things should be kept in mind while preparing food to please Maa Lakshmi. Rules and methods of cooking and eating have been explained in Hinduism. Apart from this, eating many things at night is harmful for health. Due to deteriorating health, your financial condition is also weak. Therefore, these things should not be consumed at night.

Do not eat these things at night

Drinking milk at night is considered beneficial for health. But eating curd is harmful. This is the case because the yogurt is cold, which causes colds and colds. Apart from this, potatoes, rice and sattu should not be eaten. It is believed that eating this kind of food causes money problems in the house.

Take special care of direction

According to Vastu Shastra, everything has positive and negative effects. There is a special sum of direction in it. Always eat food with a mouth in the north and east direction. Apart from this, food should not be worn while wearing shoes and slippers. It is believed that the best place to eat food is the kitchen. This calms the Rahu planet. Also, the financial condition is also good.

Cook after bathing

Many people cook food only after taking bath. It is said that there is a barkat in the house. That's why the women of the house cook in the morning after bathing and worshiping. It is believed that take out the first 3 morsels of bread for cows, dogs and crows. After this, offer food to everyone after offering fire to the fire god.

Do not eat food in a broken pot

It is believed that food should never be eaten in hand or in a broken pot. Apart from this, never eat food while sitting under the Peepal and Vat trees. Doing so can have a bad effect on your health. Never food should be thrown away.

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