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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

It is not enough to just wear a mask to prevent coronavirus, it is also very important to take other precautions

Cases of 
Covid-19 infection are growing rapidly across the country Worryingly, Corona Another wave of the virus is now plaguing children as well as adults. Corona also spread very fast last year, but this time the situation seems uncontrollable. Covid became mutants and with many aggressive strains, the situation seems to be taking a more dire form this time. In such a situation, it has become more important than ever to avoid social gatherings by wearing masks. It is very important to understand that the Covid-19 virus is a person-to-person spread virus, so you may come in contact with a sick person under unfamiliar circumstances. Doctors constantly suggest that to avoid a second wave of corona virus, you should avoid social gatherings and follow all precautions. The National Herald has published a report in which well-known doctors say that due to the lack of remedies, people are becoming infected and the country is growing rapidly.

Social distance required

Doctors say cases of Kovid-19 are on the rise in India because people are not taking basic basic protective and preventive measures such as hand washing, wearing masks and maintaining physical distance. There is an urgent need for social distance - a distance of at least six feet. People need to understand that the virus is spread by airborne droplets. In our fight against Kovid-19 we are at a turning point where one needs to be very careful and cautious.

It is not necessary to just wear a mask

If you are wearing a mask but do not follow the rules of social distance or your mask is under the nail, you are at increased risk of getting a corona infection. He said to avoid touching his eyes, nails and mouth at any time, wear the mask well. Wash the mask with soap and detergent and do not touch it frequently while wearing it. These small precautions can save your life.

This is how to avoid corona virus infection

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), when a suspended covid patient stays indoors, the virus can remain in the air for minutes to hours. M's respiratory drops or small keys remain there depending on the air, surface, ventilation, temperature. Wearing a mask regularly and wearing it well can reduce the risk of viruses present indoors and on the surface.

Stays at the infected location for at least 24 hours

"If you are going to a place where a person infected with Covid-19 has also gone, the risk of infection increases," the CDC said, citing research based on epidemiological and experimental data. This risk can only be reduced after 24 hours. In such a situation, to reduce this risk, the ventilation of the place has to be increased and the person has to wait as long as possible before entering there. In these places, it is necessary to use things like masks, facial shields or goggles.

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