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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Forget bitcoin, NFT is the next era, if you have the skills, then you can become rich overnight, know how

The name is new and the work is also new. 
Yes, till now we were hearing about cryptocurrency like bitcoin that the person possessing it became rich overnight. In the same way, now a new kind of digital 'avatar' (which is not visible) has been born which is being called non-fungible token (NFT). The discussion became more heated recently when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took its name.

In fact, Jack Dorsey sold the digital version of one of his tweets in such an avatar that the line of his buyers was drawn and in view of that one tweet was valued at 2.9 million rupees i.e. about 3 crores. Now you too must be wondering what was it in this tweet that he was bought for Rs 3 crore and if there was anything, what is his digital version. So know that this tweet was also bid like any goods or merchandise and Kadradans took part in it very enthusiastically. Dorsey's tweet to the eldest Kadradan showed something that he poured 3 crore rupees.

Jack Dorsey's NXT

But why did this tweet become so expensive? The question is valid because today there will be millions of tweets in seconds. Even Dorsey must have done many tweets in the past, but how did this one tweet become his crores? Actually, this 15 year old tweet was presented by Jack Dorsey as NXT. To say NXT, a non-fungible token means that the tweet received a digital certificate of being discrete, bizarre, unique in the world. Therefore, he joined the Karadi group as soon as the tweet came out on the tweet.

Now the new question is what is the digital certificate of NXT. So know that the people possessing the status of a king in the world of digital art give such a certificate and tell that such and such art is worthy of becoming NXT and can be given a digital certificate. One can compare it with bitcoin because both have a digital version and both can earn wildly without doing anything. The major feature of NXT is its digital certificate which states that the item is unique and unique in itself. Meaning there is no other such item in the world. In such a case, he gets the status of NXT.

How to become NXT

NXT is a mixture of art and digital world in a way. When your art is established in the digital world, people see something strange in it, then it is declared as NXT. Comparing it to bitcoin, it is like the same cryptocurrency as a token. But this token is not visible. You can buy and sell it without seeing it, you can earn huge profits.

This digital token receives valid certificate of ownership Any person whose art falls in this category, his art gets a certificate of ownership. With this, all the rights associated with that art goes to its owner. The digital certificate decides that it cannot be duplicated. In a way it gives the right to copyright.

What is crypto token

In the common man's language, NXT is a crypto token like bitcoin which can be given to digital assets like digital art, music, movies, games or any collection you can get. The beginning of a new era is being described for NXT artists as it is not a matter of everyone to sell their art in the gallery. The gallery's runners and their monopoly are such that ordinary artists cannot reach there. But if you have the skills, then your art will be valued in the digital world and if it has power, then you can get millions of crores of rupees.

This person from India has named

If you are fond of art and digital world, then you will know about Vignesh Sundareshan. Vignesh lives in Singapore and is a citizen of Indian origin and does blockchain business. Blockchain Entrepreneur is also connected to the digital world in which shopping takes place in a digital way. Vignesh was in the news recently because he bought a painting by Mike Winkleman for $ 69.3 million. Winkleman's painting became famous as Beeple NXT.

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